Um... Ouch

i woke up this morning and it felt like i’d been hit by a truck.

everything that could be sore… is sore. even my hands are sore. my legs look like they’ve been beaten with a stick. i don’t remember being this sore the last time i moved.

i am naturally gifted at getting injured, but my joints specifically are all out of whack. my hips pop out, my shoulders crack constantly, i crack my knuckles every 20 minutes, and they are so loud that they seriously sound like firecrackers. my toes crack. my back cracks. my knees pop in and out. and, good lord, my neck will pop about 5 pops at a time on each side. but the part that gives me the most trouble is my right shoulder. it cracks, pops, grinds (you can literally hear it grinding), and gets stuck at least like… half a dozen times a day. and it’s painful.

so what did i go and do? i injured my LEFT shoulder.

my shoulder is done for. i don’t know if it was the kayaking, or the way i’ve been sleeping on it, or just lifting things that i shouldn’t be lifting… but it’s done. i can’t even use it to steer while i’m driving. brett seems to think it’s my rotator cuff (based on my POINT TO WHERE IT HURTS analysis). i guess now i wait and see if it gets better, and if it doesn’t, i go see a doctor. i can’t tell you how excited this makes me. :mad:

on the upside, we are officially moved out of the old apartment, and moved into the new one. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, BIG living room, sunroom, BIG kitchen, extra closets (but my clothes still don’t fit in mine, damn t-shirt addiction). it’s much more comfortable for 2 people. but i will never let go of the fact that the bathroom is 1/3 the size of the old one. the bathtub? about half. it’s sad, but at least we each have our own space now. brett and i went to wal-mart last night and his new bathroom is all gussied up and looks awesome. it’s slowly coming together!

tonight… more unpacking. and target. evidently, second bedrooms don’t need ceiling light fixtures (wtf?)… lamps it is.