Fire Drills x95085043

i swear, the fire alarm and sirens and crap have gone off like 8 or 9 times this morning. i went outside for one of them. i gave up after that. i know there have to got be more than 3 people in reynolda hall… so a lot of people are going to burn when we have a fire drill one day and it’s a real one. no one takes them seriously anymore! i wonder why… :angry:

i’m excited… i’m actually staying on campus for lunch today which i haven’t done in weeks long time. patrick brought his lunch and i attempted to but the only thing we had was easymac and i might just go grab pizza hut from benson instead. green room picnic… hopefully i won’t spill in there. someone would kill me if they found out.

some people just don’t quite get it… dumbass.
guy: hey you :smile:
me: hey
guy: how’s it going ?
me: pretty good, bored at work. you?
guy: good … I’m home right now
me: i wish i was still in bed
guy: I wish you were in my bed :wink:
me: riiiight
guy: don’t think you would mind
me: … and why is this?
guy: I think you would have a good time …lol
me: tooo bad that ain’t gonna happen
guy: at least for a while
me: k dude
guy: lol

fire drill just went off again… i’m gonna start twitching.