9 More Days in the 336!!

this weekend was absolutely nuts. friday night jill and i met james down in charlotte at amos’ southend. we found our way around downtown and went to the rock bottom brewery for dinner. that place was pretty damn good, too. i took a picture of the keg room, in case anyone was wondering what the hell that was a picture of. yeah… it was pretty sweet. we went to the show after that. i can’t take jill or james anywhere, so it seems. i make a comment about ONE good looking guy and they drag my ass over to where he’s standing and introduce me to him. come to find out, him and all his buddies are married and are sleezebags who buy underage girls alcohol and i don’t wanna know how old they were. the show was good though, and i got to sing and stare at bret michaels for 2 hours so that was enough for me. i got pictures but not nearly as many as i got last time. i wasn’t front row this show and i was doing a lot of jumping around and screaming so the camera wasn’t the first thing on my mind. we got to my grandma’s in mooresville around 1:30 AM and i passed out on the couch the second i walked through the door. i was dead tired. i was still wearing my beer soaked clothes, too. how nice… :crazy: that was thanks to some douchebag who poured half a bottle of beer on my head. i wanted to donkey kick him in the balls.

jill and i spent the next day laying outside by the pool and swimming and gorging on deep fried shrimp, pasta salad, watermelon, hotdogs, cranberry juice, and chocolate cake. i love my grandma and i love going to her house. everytime there’s company over she makes a crapload of food and it’s always sooo good!

i drove jill home and i went back to my place and made plans for the rest of the night. ben and i went and got mexican and made a wal-mart and beer run. lately liz’s house is the place to be all the time so a bunch of us hung out there and played drinking games and watched TV. i went with josh and ashley and rachel to the apartment down the hall while we waited for liz and big al and ben to get back and apparently that’s where a bunch of the W-S warthogs live. i didn’t know that most of the team was my age and i didn’t know that they’re all gorgeous. the only downside to that is they also know they’re gorgeous and they like to have their way with the ladies. i didn’t stay there long… a little awkward for me. i passed out somewhere between 2 and 4 because when everyone got back to the apartment, i had stopped drinking and was dead tired and they decided they wanted to watch anchorman and that definitely put me to bed. i’d already seen it like 8 times anyway.

yesterday i went to my dad’s with the family for a little while. by the time i got there everyone had already eaten so i ate leftovers and went back home. i was supposed to start packing, again, and clean up my room a bit and get a few things done but my procrastination skills are top of the notch lately. i took a quick nap and met my stepbrother for dinner shortly thereafter and he and i caught a latenight movie. we saw the march of the penguins. very cool film… now i see why sterka wants a penguin so bad.

my grand finale leaving the movie theatre was oh so graceful. i was waiting for my gimp stepbrother while we were walking out (he got in a bike wreck and flew into a barbed wire fence so his foot and neck are all effed up) and i had a large coke in my hands and since i’m so cool, i tripped and it flew out of my hands all over the wall. yeah. i didn’t drink much of it in the theatre so you can only imagine the mess i made. i rock.

i’m gonna go back to doing nothing. i get to go to office depot after my lunchbreak today and buy folders. i’m buying my own worst enemy… the black and red folders that will be the death of me by the end of this week. :angry: yikes. after friday, i will never ever touch one again.