Wake has its Perks

wake forest has a few really hot landscaping guys, and the ones who mow the lawn out on the quad are always the same 2 guys and whenever i’m walking around campus they always say hey to me. well, they just came in this office and i about died. winks are my weakness… sigh. :smile: we shall meet again.

i’m pretty excited about tonight. i’m meeting james, anthony, ryan, and stephen in greensboro for dinner. i haven’t seen anthony in 3 months and i haven’t seen stephen in quite a while either. it should be fuuuun! hopefully i’ll get pictures.

if someone has a kodak camera, preferably an easyshare cx6330, please IM me or e-mail me with detailed steps on how to change the date. my LCD screen is busted and i can’t see what i’m doing when i push buttons so if you could walk me through it i’d love you forever. :biggrin:

PS- i saw march of the penguins sunday night and fantasic four last night. both are good.. march of the penguins made me feel all warm and fuzzy. fantastic four was pretty corny at times but it was a good movie. i still need to see wedding crashers… who’s going with me?!?