Crossfit... Day... Whatever

i feel like the ultimate slackass this week in regards to my workout “regimen”. also, that is me up there. doing box jumps. doing my best not to trip and die.


i went to crossfit on monday. i’ve officially made it through 10 sessions. i’m going today. i AM GOING today. i will be there at 6PM, and i will leave at 7PM, drenched in sweat.

muscle-up monday…

warm up: with a partner, 30sec sets of AMRAPs of pushups and squats. while i did pushups for 30sec, my partner did squats, and then we switched. practice for 2 minutes (4 sets), and then each pair of partners was competing for most reps, and if we won, we got to quit. we did not win. we didn’t win the 2nd round either. or the 3rd. or the 6th. we ended up doing 6 sets of these. i wanted to die. that’s like… 90-100 pushups and 90-100 squats.

THEN… practice pullups and ring dips for 15 minutes

THEN… for time (i finished the WOD in 11 minutes… i was so proud of myself):
Row 1000m
50 thrusters (33lb)
30 pullups

i didn’t go on tuesday because i was too busy learning about argon, why one shouldn’t allow lava-hot slag to find its way into one’s ear, and the 182397532 possible ways to injure/kill/maim myself while welding. the class lasts for 4 hours. that’s a lot of welding! except i won’t get to actually weld until next class. which is good, because, my new coveralls are still in the mail. :grin:

i also didn’t go on wednesday because, instead, i was in the car with brett driving to charlotte to see the worst best concert ever. which probably makes no sense to anyone reading this. i’ll save that one for another entry. nevertheless, avenged sevenfold and disturbed, as expected, put on a hell of a show. my camera battery died, so i asked the girl in front of us (who took some seriously good pictures) if she wouldn’t mind e-mailing me a few of them, and for whatever reason she got really excited when i asked her that. which was odd. but she was like YES I’LL SEND YOU THEM! I’M SO GLAD YOU APPRECIATE THEM! and gave me her e-mail address. so i’m waiting. patiently. i did get a few with my phone but i have yet to take them off.

also, mid-concert, i spilled half my beer on brett’s leg. if you didn’t know, half a beer is $5.50. expensive fail on my part.

didn’t go to crossfit last night either, because between the concert, waking up at 5:30 AM yesterday to drive back to charleston, and work, i was literally trying not to slam my head on my desk. instead, i went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, planted my ass on the couch, and watched the panthers game. which sucked. and panthers lost… bigtime. but at least armanti played well.