Bought A Bobble!

i’m not exactly the biggest environmental nut on the planet, but i do try to cut a few corners where i can.

i save all my grocery bags and re-use them for lunches and for the garbage cans around the apartment, re-use plastic bottles (i haven’t bought a new one in several months) (also, if you happen to be a DIPPER, like brett, just re-use 1 bottle for your spitter, EW!), drive a (semi) environmentally-friendly car, cook at home a LOT, do laundry once a week (at most, and only 2 loads if i don’t have enough towels to make a 3rd), never litter (ew), turn everything off when we leave the apartment (EXCEPT the laptops!), substitute rags for paper towels/napkins when i can…

and god knows, if i still lived in boone, i’d still be taking the appalcart damn near everywhere. or walking. unfortunately, public transportation isn’t really a great option here in charleston.

with all that said, she mentioned the Bobble and it is so cute looking that i had to buy one. i’ll let brett use the plastic bottles from now on while i use this one. :grin: and if you use the code “NOT GUILTY”, you get $2 off your order.

[![Bobble](/content/images/2010/09/4876444684_cedcf6c9d3-300x300.jpg "Bobble")](
go buy one. or a nalgene bottle. or just don’t throw away whatever it is you’re drinking out of, unless it’s made of paper, in which case, that would be gross not to.