Becoming A Ripped Swedish Welder

i don’t really know how this chain of events started.

maybe i’ve been boring myself since i graduated college and jumped into the Real Adult Working World. maybe it’s just my attempt at spicing up the mundane, day to day, 8-4, lifeless schedule (not to say my job is boring, i love my job, but the daily grind, on the other hand, IS!). maybe i’m still trying to “find myself”.

whatever it is, i realize the past year and a half of my life slightly resembles what one might call an identity crisis.

…enrolling myself in pole-dancing classes
…enrolling (and quitting shortly thereafter due to minor injury, idiot) in tumbling classes, in a weak attempt to rekindle my relationship with gymnastics
…3 more certifications, with a close 4th coming up at the end of the month
…4 trips to las vegas
enrolling myself in crossfit in an attempt to die a slow, painful death get fit and stay fit
…enrolling myself in welding classes (i have no acceptable excuse, other than strangely, i really want to learn how to weld, and evidently, that is worth $350 and sacrificing all of my tuesday evenings)
…acquiring a copy of rosetta stone in swedish, because for whatever reason, i want to learn swedish, so i will

if the chain of randomness continues on its current path, i think it’s safe to say that blacksmithing and robotics can easily be added to that list in the near future. maybe even glass-blowing. or… drumroll… finally getting a masters degree.

maybe it’s a sense of accomplishment that i keep craving. or adventure. i don’t have the freedom i had in college. in college, i could skip classes to go hiking. or take a spur-of-the-moment road trip… like johnson city, tennessee, at 3AM, just to purchase camouflage duct tape (boone did not have a 24hr wal-mart at the time)… or carolina beach on a half-drunken bet over a game of darts. or go fishing. or go to a boss’s boss’s [extremely uncomfortable] sex toy party. or go camping. or shoot a potato cannon full of glow-stick-juice-covered potatoes off a cliff in the middle of the night. or purchase a tank of helium in the middle of the day for the sole purpose of blowing up a crapload of balloons and inhaling said helium. THE POSSIBILITIES WERE ENDLESS.

the real world doesn’t allow that luxury (unless i quit my job and took up freelancing 100%, or become a stay at home mom, which requires being a mom, which requires having a baby, i’ll wait on that one), so to fix that, i guess i’ve found ridiculous extra-curricular activities to keep things exciting. i’m also lucky to have the most ridiculous (i say that in the most loving way possible) other half, who completely supports this… “characteristic”. for lack of a better word.

i ran across this girl’s blog today, and it made me really happy to know i’m not alone. if anything, i feel inspired to continue on my senseless path, and she made it seem a lot less senseless. i haven’t dyed my hair a weird color in over 4 years (the corporate world kind of frowns upon that, i suppose), but i DID paint my toenails shrek-green, i DO have a pretty good activity list going on right now, and i DO appreciate ordering dessert first (or just dessert) on a semi-regular basis.

if you haven’t done something stupidly awesome today, DO IT. i fully endorse this mindset. and tonight… I WILL WELD.