Busy Week... Already Exhausted

crossfit tonight.

welding class tomorrow night. 4 hours. of welding. that’s a lot of time to get injured.

[![helmet](/content/images/2010/08/skull.jpg)](http://www.firehorsegear.com/shop/index.php/default/hoodlum-white-skull-welding-helmets.html) while we’re on the topic of welding, i want to buy this ever so badly. and if anyone can find me pink coveralls for under $100, please let me know. kthx.
concert in charlotte wednesday night (we might fall asleep in the mosh pit but it will be so worth it).

crossfit thursday and friday night.

drive to UNCP on saturday (yet another exhilarating 3-hour drive) to A) catch the ASU football game on TV, and B) watch brett’s brother play in the football game.

just thinking about this week makes me tired. that and the fact that it is monday. i really hate mondays. luckily, we have next monday off (hooray, labor day!). so next week, i will really hate tuesdays.

what’s everyone’s week looking like? and who wants to go to crossfit for me?