Counting My Blessings

we're driving from SC to TX this week. last night we stopped in mississippi at an adorable RV park. we're heading to dallas today to visit our friend matt, and then back to austin tomorrow. flying out to las vegas on thursday for DEF CON.

eric has been staying at my house for the last few weeks with me and the girls. it has been a beautiful experience having them all under my roof--my heart is full.

it's also been non stop, to say the least. we've had multiple IRs at work, a couple trips to NC with the kids--once to see dad, and once to take them camping in asheboro. lots of prep for DEF CON, on top of work in general, which is always a lift.

we let the daily meditations slip for about a week because of the above, and we were feeling the effects of it, or lack thereof. we woke up this morning, and knew we needed to take time to sit with Rapéh. we were eager to get on the road to see matt, but the sun was shining over the pond when we woke up, and we had a nice spot in the shade. i insisted that despite not feeling "in the right headspace" to meditate, that was probably exactly why it needed to happen. if not now, then when? we're slammed for the next week, and who knows what else will come up after that. just like working out--you just can't let yourself slip.

we got our things and sat outside with the medicine. just like the last time, as soon as it set in, i looked up at the trees and she reminded me that she's always here. all around us. i watched the dragonflies playing on the water. i saw a couple turtles. the trees were waving in the wind, as if they were saying, "hello, again--you stepped away for too long, again".

we sat for a while, eric flew the drone and got some beautiful footage. i played with dawn. it was perfect.

we walked away knowing that we need to make sure we do this every day--no more excuses.

eric unhooked the airstream, and we got on the road.

i checked my email. my dad wrote this morning and told me that my aunt just found out she has an aggressive form of breast cancer and will be on chemo for the next year. i found out recently that a friend of mine, who thought she had beaten hers, just had it come back with a vengeance, and it's incurable.

i am counting my blessings, today and every day. i am so grateful to live the life i live. my girls are the light of my life, i still have my health, and i get to share this life with my soulmate.

tell your loved ones that you love them.