Christmas Makes Everything Cozy

we got home from our thanksgiving break yesterday afternoon and within an hour i had everything unpacked and the tree up and decorated.


there are like 6 ornaments on that tree that have brett’s name on them, and i don’t have a single one. i don’t really know how that works. i do, however, have my sparkly christmas pickle. i guess that’s pretty special. it sits beneath his christmas football.

i don’t know what it is about the glow of the tree while sitting on the couch that is so incredibly awesome, but it sure makes it feel better in here. and so far, thor hasn’t even touched it, except for while i was putting the tinsel on. i knew better this year than to leave any tinsel near the bottom. or dangly ornaments. i was still finding ornaments behind brett’s xbox/TV area several months after last christmas.

loki was supposed to have her second round of chemo today, but her white blood cell count was like 10% of what it was supposed to be. so instead of chemo, she got new antibiotics since she’s prone to infection. and i was so graciously blessed with another hefty bill, and sent back home to cry go grocery shopping. she goes back thursday to try again.

i hate bills lately. also, i almost puked in the pizza aisle.

the only upside to all that was that we bought ingredients so i could make broccoli cheese soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. it seemed appropriate for a crappy, rainy night.

you really can’t go wrong with comfort food, sweatpants, and a christmas tree.

and i also bought pillsbury gingerbread dough. for 2 reasons. 1) i am too lazy to actually bake after i cook dinner, and 2) the last time i made gingerbread dough, it basically turned to cement.

the other news of the day is brett and i changed our wedding date. the venue we wanted got booked, and all the other venues in the area were either just “eh” or waaaay too expensive, so we bumped it back a week. and settled on a church. i faxed the church application in today, and once that gets somewhat solidified i’ll call the venue and get that booked. keep your fingers crossed that the new date doesn’t get booked before we get it.

that would be our luck, though. for now, september 29th, it is.