Another Tri-City Thanksgiving

i get this feeling every year around thanksgiving and christmas. i begin to think of all the traveling i’m about to do. it’s a bit daunting.

either tuesday night or wednesday morning, brett and i will be driving to mooresville.

i may or may not drive to winston that night. if i don’t go that night, i’ll go the next morning.

that day, i’m driving to raleigh with my mom to visit my grandparents.

then we’re driving back to winston that night so i can drive to my dad’s the next morning to have a second thanksgiving with them.

then i’m either driving to mooresville that night or the next morning to go back to brett’s. we have planned to spend the day saturday looking for places to get married.

i am pretty sure we’ve decided on the reception venue, so we need to find a church for the ceremony. which makes me a little uneasy because i’m not a very church-y person (going to a private southern baptist middle school kind of beat that out of me), and i already know that i won’t be comfortable with a big fancy church with the organ playing and the whole 9 yards. that scares the crap out of me.

and this is the south, so there are a lot of those. but i’ll be damned if we’re not gonna try to find one that suits BOTH of us.

i am really hoping we find someplace this weekend so we can actually start planning things. i have all these fun ideas, but i am kind of stuck right now since i don’t know how those ideas can actually unfold when i have nowhere to imagine them in.

i feel so behind in all of this. but, such is life. it will be an awesome day no matter what.

and the latest news on the loki front… she had her first round of chemo today! she did fantastic, despite the first 5 minutes that she spent shaking severely. every time she sees someone in blue scrubs now she just turns into a nervous wreck. for that, i can’t really blame her. but she’s done and is acting normal, tormenting the cat, begging for ham.

i did have a bit of a scare about an hour ago because she wouldn’t walk on the leg they put the IV in and kept holding it up like it hurt. i think the bandage was too tight, but i called the vet and they told me to bring her back in (open 24/7 and it’s literally across the street from us, couldn’t be more convenient). they wanted to make sure she didn’t have a bad reaction to the chemo, but they said she’s fine and they removed the bandage and they didn’t even charge me. thank god.

i’ve been paying off as much of my credit card balance as possible lately, and i’ve beaten my first goal, which was pay off as much of the surgery as possible before chemo starts so that the entire cost of chemo won’t max out my credit limit. so… i feel better about that. :) the last thing i want is to have my card maxed out. mostly because of emergencies and i am having dental work done in the near future, but christmas is also coming up. i’m way behind in comparison to last year when i got ALL my christmas shopping done by october. amazon is awesome that way.

back to website work, and another shot of whiskey with brett. here’s to paying off that credit card! :)