Can't Sleep

today seemed to drag on FOREVER! last night after the flag football game, a ton of us went and hung out at james/bryant/ben/mullis’s place to drink and what not before we went to see wedding crashers. we went all the way to greer only to find out the movie had been rescheduled for next week and replaced with robinhood men in tights… ha! yeah, so needless to say, we did not stay for the movie. we just went back and partied at the apartment. a bunch of people were there, and we played asshole, ate deer meat (james’s cousin is damn good at making that stuff), sang drunken country songs, and had a great time. i love these kids. i’m so glad i started hanging out with them more often, and they take care of me.

everyone left except for me, will, and james, so we passed out in the living room around 2:30 in the morning. my alarm didn’t wake me up but i got verrry lucky and randomly woke up at 7:08 and hauled ass to the visitor lot to get my car and get ready for class. the bus comes a little after 8 so i had to hustle this morning. so for the whole day, my ass was dragging. i looked like a zombie. at least we didn’t do anything important in any of my classes.

i came home and slept for about 3 hours. :biggrin: that was great. i cleaned a little, showered, cooked dinner, and headed to brown & clay’s apartment. a bunch of people were hanging out over there but i was still tired as hell so i only stayed for about 45 minutes. i couldn’t keep my eyes open. and now that i’m back at home on a friday night not doing anything, i can’t even go to sleep!! i have so much bullshit on my mind and i wish it would just go away.

i’m so excited about tomorrow, well, today to be exact but later on. brian (my ex from way back in 9th grade) is throwing a 21st birthday party for a buddy of his and he called me up randomly to invite me. i love this kid to death. he and i always stayed close but since i left for college, things have drifted a bit. i hadn’t hung out with him since may. anyway, i’m very excited and i hope it’ll be a good time because i haven’t seen a lot of these people in so damn long… this makes me happy. :smile: i’m gonna work on a new layout. i don’t like this one anymore and i’m thinking of switching to using wordpress instead of this stupid cutenews.

g’night everyone.