so we got some snow today. it was great waking up at 8am to flurries all around and 30 degree weather. i love it! i missed the coldness. it’s so much fun. except i forgot to get my winter coats and scarves and gloves and socks from my house when i went by it this weekend so i had to meet my mom in wilkesboro for dinner tonight to load up on the warmness. i definitely froze my ass off on the way to and from class this afternoon… damn snowflakes kept poking me in my eyes.

i have had a good day today and i’m not sure why. i’ve just been really damn energetic. maybe i got enough sleep last night and not too much or too little… i love it when that happens. the only downside to today is i can’t quit sneezing and it’s pissing me off. maybe i’m allergic to this fuzzy sweater, but it never used to bother me. i got a C on my ethnic amer. lit. midterm which is better than i figured i was gonna get. thank you sparknotes and open-note/open-book tests! i suck at remembering things i read. it goes in and out as soon as i see the word. oh well. i have 2 exams this week and 1 next week… i’m almost done!

i am all bundled up and ready to go. i have to pick up will and then we are headed to the highlands to the guys’ apartment to watch monday night football… SWEET! i’m excited.

oh yeah, there are a couple pictures from this weekend and various other times somewhere in the photo gallery under friends. there aren’t very many though. i need to catch up ’cause i’ve been slacking on the photos lately. i haven’t annoyed enough people with a camera this semester.

thank you, mom, for dinner & clothes so i don’t die this semester! :smile: