Damn You, Midterms!!!

one down, and four more to go. i took my ethnic amer. lit. exam monday, i have my world civ. 2 exam tomorrow, art and economics on the 26th, and accounting on the 2nd. why can’t we just get them all over with in like a week? granted, it’d be stressful, but dragging it out drives me nuts. oh well.

it’s been a crummy past couple days but i’m doing okay. little things keep happening amongst other problems and it’s all adding up and i think i’m gonna lose my mind by the weekend. for once, i don’t have any plans this weekend, and i don’t know what i want to do yet. my head is a little screwed up right now and i guess i just need to start eating right (i’ve lost weight over the past couple weeks and i’m not sure why) and sleeping more and relax instead of worrying about shit. i can’t keep doing this to myself and i can’t let things get to me as much as they do, especially emotions.

i don’t want to study for this stupid exam. history is the one subject i absolutely 100% despise.

i’m full of sunshiny happy thoughts today, i know. right now, i’m keeping these 2 thoughts in my head to remind me everytime i get upset that it’s not the end of the world- life goes on, and everything happens for a reason.