back from new england

adam and i left rhode island saturday at midnight and got home yesterday at 11AM. it definitely was better than the 15 hour drive on the way up due to some seriously awful traffic. we had a blast and i got a lot of pictures so once i get my server set up at my dad’s (should be friday) then they will be up and running.

this site has kind of taken a downfall since i’ve been all over the place lately. i’ve been trying to stay off the computer for the past month or so since adam leaves friday and i have limited time with him and i’m moving back to boone in less than a week. it’s really hard for me to keep my head on straight lately. i am all worked up about him leaving and it’s a lot harder this time because after his 4-6 months in iraq is done, things are up in the air about where he’s to go after that. i’m nervous but i have full faith in his abilities and i know he’s going to be great over there. all i can do is try to be supportive but it’s so hard to keep the tears from coming out at the worst moments. everytime someone mentions him leaving or asks how i am dealing with it i get a knot in my stomach, and i can’t imagine how it is to be in his place leaving everything. i’m glad he’s going with a lot of good guys and guys he is close with. this morning he came home to eat breakfast for about an hour and he jumped on me when i was sleeping screaming “WAKE UP WAKE UP!! BREAKFAST!!” and although it was slightly painful and i could barely get my eyes open, i’m gonna miss the hell out of that. i really don’t know how i’m going to react friday after he leaves. i’m gonna be sending a buttload of care packages and letters, that’s for sure. i figure that’s the least i can do. maybe they’d like my axe.

there are boxes all over and i’ve been packing crap up all afternoon… it feels weird to be packing so soon after moving in not even 3 months ago. this is so sad!! it’s going to be a heck of a job getting all his stuff together because it’s basically like a bomb went off in the upstairs extra bedroom. and down in the living room isn’t much better since we just threw our stuff in here when we got home yesterday. my neat freak side is about to go insane.

jill, i’ll be there friday or saturday. be prepared. :evil: