happy birthday to meee

this week has been pretty badass. moreso than i thought it could possibly be! between hanging out at the pool everyday with shawnee, adam, tony, and chris, getting tanned finally, playing asshole for hours, going shopping with birthday money, and a boatload of other things, it’s been amazing.

yesterday was my birthday and it was definitely more fun than hanging out with complete strangers at myrtle beach. :biggrin: i woke up shawnee and chris by bringing them cookout shakes and burgers and we spent the afternoon at the pool. i searched all over for my toe ring that i lost but i had no luck. adam kept throwing me in the pool over his head trying to get me to do belly flops and wrestling me and tossing me making me do flips and in the midst of all the excitement and gasping for air, my toe ring fell off. i wore that thing everyday for like the past year at least. my foot feels naked. anyhow, after the pool, shawnee and i went to old navy where i found 2 little tshirts and 2 pairs of flip flops for under $20. we went to rugged wearhouse and got matching bras (hooray!!) for $3. i love cheap clothes. somehow, they’re always the comfiest too. we ate lunch at lonestar and shawnee told our waiter it was my birthday. after making a puppy dog face, we convinced him to break the rules a little and hook me up with free dessert. brownies and french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate syrup… and cheese fries. HA! worst possible combination healthwise but damn it was good. only $11 too! shawnee treated me to that because she rocks.

i went home and adam finally came home from work. he brought me….. A HERMIT CRAB!!! i had over 40 hermit crabs when i was in elementary school. ry~ry and i had sick obsessions with them and since then i’ve always missed having them to play with. i always went and stared at them whenever adam and i would go to the petstore and he always goes “dude, hermit crabs suck” but obviously they don’t suck enough to not buy one for me.. :wink: sigh, he loves me. he named it asshole since we couldn’t name loki asshole since we named her loki. it’s so cute and very lively and i love it. he got a purple cage for it with purple sand and all the necessities. he scored a lot of brownie points on my birthday. not only did he get me my hermit crab, but he got me a cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles and my name on it. and he scored 2 fishing poles and lures and he’s taking me fishin’ soon!!! i’m so stoked because i haven’t been in over 3 months and he knows i love going. hopefully it will be awesome. i’ve never been on a military base to fish so i don’t know what to expect. we’ll see. :smile:

i went home today to see my parents for my birthday. my mom is pet sitting for us and i took loki and asshole to her house. the lady at hardees gave loki a cup of water and the bank gave her a dog treat. she gets attention anywhere i take her. everyone kept stopping to go “awwww” and then drive off. quite an interesting ride. anyway, my mom and i had pizza and watched TV for a while. i still don’t understand how she has the patience to take care of so many animals in that house. it’s a zoo and with loki added to the collection again, it’s total chaos. at least wicket and lucy are sort of normal. she made cake for me and so we now have 2 cakes here at our apartment. i have a feeling we’ll be eating cake for breakfast for a while. i have no complaints there whatsoever. i went to my dad’s and he fed me deviled eggs and olives and we talked for a bit and sat out on their fairly new patio. he and christine put flowers and all kinds of stuff out there so it looks nice and he gets really excited about it. i think it’s a guy thing but it does look really nice.

we’re leaving tomorrow around 3-4 for rhode island/massachusetts/connecticut. we have to take pugh and cannon to the airport on our way out but after that we’ll be on our way and it’s gonna be a long drive. it will involve lots of singing… and caffeine. i’m freaking excited. i haven’t been up north in a while and i’ll finally get to meet the rest of adam’s family. his mom seemed to like me so maybe everyone else will too. and i get to meet his friends. that’s a big thing, too, i think. we’ll see what happens. i’m a bit nervous but it’ll be fun.

i really don’t want to pack. ew.