almost packed up

after all last night and all day today packing up crap and cleaning and turning this apartment upside down, we’re almost done. we have to put the coffee table, end table, computer desk, and couch in storage and the last few bits of adam’s stuff in there and then i just have to wait until my parents get here tomorrow to get my stuff out of here and then i think we’re officially moved out. plus taking the cable box back and the blockbuster movies… they keep sending us those little things in the mail. as not exciting as this city is, i’m gonna miss living here with adam. obviously i’m going to miss him more than simply being in this apartment but i’ve grown to like the military lifestyle… army issued stuff strewn throughout the apartment, rucksack and ACUs all over, waking up at 5:30 every morning to say goodbye and then the nice little breakfast or lunch visits to surprise me during the day, platoon cookouts, swimming with shawnee, 24 hour duty and having to drive back and forth from post like every other hour for something else he forgot, and i could go on and on. it doesn’t sound that glamourous but i wouldn’t change it a single bit if i could. part of me wishes i didn’t have to leave and that he would stay here and we could be like this for a lot longer, but i know he’ll be fine and i’ve got to go do my thing in boone. i just hate the inbetween stages where i haven’t said goodbye yet but nearly everything is done and i’m in a half empty apartment for the time after he leaves and before my parents get here. these last few hours are dragging on and i’m glad because we can be the couch potatoes that we are and watch cartoons the remainder of the evening until he leaves. i sound like such a sap but writing this stuff down instead of keeping it all stuck up in my head helps a lot more so i don’t start crying before he’s even leaving. dad keeps telling me to be strong for adam and not to cry because i need to be supportive and i’m trying so hard not to let him see me when i slip up and get teary eyed just looking at him.

i’m gonna get back to watching cartoons and getting all the cuddling i can out of the next few hours. t minus 4 hours until i put this on my car. jill, you’ll probably be getting a late phone call.

adam, i love you!!