attempt at a decent update

[edit]BRAD! you are the best. i miss you and i hope you & rachel are doing awesome. :cool: [/edit]

on thursday, it will be 1 month since adam and i moved into this apartment. this has been one hell of an eye-opening, learning, growing, weird yet amazing experience and although parts of it have been hard, i wouldn’t change it for the world.

it’s weird not being around my friends and family nearly as much as i want to. i’ve seen 2 friends since i’ve been here. the main reason for that is because of the lack of funds at the moment, my car being screwed up due to my neighbor hitting it, and an oh-so-shitty work schedule. i’m in the process of looking into other jobs, hopefully a full time M-F one. i don’t like being people’s bitch all the time and being told “you’ll work this time for x amount of hours and you will be here tomorrow at x-o’clock instead of what you were told a week ago” type thing. restaurant/retail jobs suck for this reason and i wish like hell that the whole job finding process wasn’t so slow. the good thing is, the people that i work with like me and are good natured and very forgiving when i DO screw up being that i’m brand new and shaky in awkward/rushed situations. except that one bitch that works there. she can kiss my white, soon-to-be-tan-after-this-weekend ass.

all in all, i am very happy with everything. adam has been above and beyond anything i expected since we moved in together. aside from jill, he’s the only person EVER who i have been able to be 100% truthful and open with. whenever anxiety/stress/irritability strike, he holds me until my crying is through and my venting comes to an end and is understanding and compassionate like no one ever has been before. aside from you, mom. i think it takes a woman to truly understand what female hormones are capable of. most of the people who i did tell about my move to fort bragg weren’t very supportive of the idea except jill, ry~ry, matt, james, and my parents (i assume). to those who doubted me, SCREW YOU GUYS! i’m doing what i want, things thus far have been successful, and life is good. i just have to get my car fixed, get a better or second job, start making some money, and soak it all in.

i have learned to cook quite a bit since living here, to enjoy cleaning (who knows where the hell that came from), that i’m not as much as an animal lover as i thought and training a puppy is a pain in the ass, that law & order is on a shitton during the day, that the military life is oh-so-confusing, and that blockbuster is open until 1am and there is no better excuse to say screw everything else, go rent a cheesy horror movie, get some ice cream sandwiches, a couple burgers from mcdonald’s, and sit in front of the TV in pajamas with my boy all night.

oh yeah, if you’ve not seen X3, go see it. adam took me to the midnight showing thursday night and it was freaking awesome. he’s a comic book nerd and after we left he spit out every reason it was different from the books but it was still a badass movie. juggernaut is the man.

incase anyone’s curious, the image on my layout is taken from a photo of a flower my grandpa gave me when adam and i went to garner for mother’s day. i’m not usually a flower person because they tend to die fast and make me sniffle but it was gorgeous so he snipped one for me out of his garden. if you don’t like it, stfu.