puppy training

anyone have any ideas besides continuously taking the dog outside, squirt bottles, or the slap on the ass/yelling bit? my dad suggested the little training pads you lay on the floor and they’re supposed to “know” to go on them. it worked for our shih tzu’s but i’m not sure if this dog is gonna catch onto that. i’ve never had one this stubborn before or so hyperactive.

i deleted the last post due to conflict but i suppose i should’ve worded it differently because it came out entirely wrong and pissed people off. i will just say that i wasn’t pissed because he had to do the funeral because, yeah, that is selfish and stupid. i was pissed because one of adam’s higher ups tends to be a dick and knew adam wasn’t the only one available to do funeral practice. i also knew adam was really looking forward to getting out of here for a while because he has been on 2 hour recall for months now and is finally able to leave and go as far as the beach so it would’ve been the only chance in the near future to do something nice like that. because of that… he got really fucking pissed when we were already on our way out of town when he received a phone call saying turn around, and he’s quite a character when he’s mad. it’s not a side either of us enjoy too terribly much. i think a trip to taco bell and game stop calmed him down a bit and a nice whole day and night at home relaxing was good for both of us.

gotta go clean up and get ready for work.