coincidence? I THINK NOT!!

so adam made me watch willow last night. after thomas called me “peck” at the parties adam went to with me, he decided to join in on the humor and take it to a new level with this. i hadn’t seen the movie, so our last trip to blockbuster he rented the movie and to my surprise, i liked it, minus the intermittent ridicule.

the coincidence, is that i’ve always called adam iceman (from top gun for those of you who weren’t sure) because of this picture. could it be just my luck that val kilmer is the irritating madmartigan who repeatedly calls willow PECK throughout the movie??! and how is it that i looked EXACTLY like willow’s daughter when i was little? i had to sit through adam’s evil cackle for 2 hours last night because everytime that little girl showed up he thought it was the funniest damn thing.

and dear god, if it couldn’t get any weirder, stephen just informed me that warwick davis (guy who played willow) also played wicket in return of the jedi. HE WAS AN EWOK! just like MY wicket!

on a side note, today is another gorgeous day. i’m gonna lay outside with my peanut butter & jelly sandwich and loki. :biggrin:

[edit] SWEET, SWEET REVENGE!! [/edit]