April 2003

4.30.03 | 10:58 PM | posted by whit
this storm is starting to creep me out. i hate storms, lightning, thunder, rain, all that junk. and we haven’t had this much in a while. i’ve got black curtains in my room, and when the lightning strikes it makes my room look pretty wicked. and then the house shakes… shivers
anyway, school was oh-so-not-exciting today. we had another practice exam in 1st period, a test in physics, note-taking in pre-cal, watched the kennedy assassination in history, and took a vocab. test and watched a movie in english. an overall easy day, but definitely not a thriller.

i came home after school, and then ended up going up to the mall to meet up with zach, tim, thomas, shane, & grainger again. that was pretty fun… they got me laughing so hard my stomach hurt. i was gonna go the Y again tonight, but i wasn’t really in the mood for kickboxing. oh well. i guess that’ll have to wait until next week.

i’m gonna go. it’s getting late, and i’m exhausted.

4.29.03 | 9:18 PM | posted by whit
so… bored…
nothing to do tonight except homework. i’ve already been to the Y & had dinner, and it’s too early to sleep. i get to sit here & listen to music… joy.

4.28.03 | 8:59 PM | posted by whit
wow, this was a tiring weekend. prom was kind of crappy, for several reasons, a few of which i will not get into. but anyhow, collin it wasn’t because of you. thank you for going, you were fun. others, however, were not so fun. i was ready to slap quite a few people by the end of the night. i was also ready to pop every single balloon in that convention center due to the fact that strings were flying everywhere and they all seemed to get stuck on me. dear god, i had the hardest time walking around in that place.
i ended up sleeping in until about 1:30 on sunday afternoon… heh, that was so nice. i haven’t done that in a while. i have a hard time sleeping late because i’m used to sleeping so little lately. it’s crazy. but i got up, showered, and headed out to the mall again. tim, blake, thomas, duane, chris, zach, & scott were up there along with some other random people who showed up. that was definitely fun. we had originally planned to go get pizza and all go to scott’s to watch a movie, but instead we went to this japanese place that was a little closer to king. i… had never had japanese before, and if i had, i wasn’t old enough to remember it, or somehow totally blocked it out of my mind. they talked me into eating onion soup (i don’t like onions), and it was suprisingly good. they then talked me into eating sushi with crab (i’d only had sushi with salmon before), and some green stuff that tasted like really spicy play-doh, and then of course i had chicken teriyaki for my first time. it was an interesting meal, and probably took me longer to eat than anything i’ve ever eaten in my life. after that we all just ended up back at scott’s sitting around while thomas and scott and duane played games and the rest of us just sat there doing absolutely nothing. it was quite the party, i must say.**

today wasn’t all that exciting, but since when did mondays ever become fun? i had a test in 1st, 3rd, and 6th periods along with 3 labs due. now those killed me. i wasn’t awake enough or in the mood to do that much crap today, but at least it’s over with. i still have to stay after tomorrow to make up my pre-cal quiz from last friday… should be grand.

i ended up at that student of the year thing at school tonight. i’m not sure what to call it. it wasn’t really an awards ceremony because we got our pictures taken with our “nominator”, sat there, and then just got called to get this certificate/sheet of paper from mr. holt, and then we sat there some more to listen to telford talk about character. it reminded me of when they did those honor roll things in elementary school… those were the good days ;)

i’m gonna go finish homework. i don’t have a lot tonight, heck yeah :D later.

4.26.03 | 8:41 AM | posted by whit
well, prom is tonight ;x i’m a bit nervous. i hate dressing up (especially wearing dresses) and i don’t exactly get along with 80 or 90% of the people at my school.. hm..
my mom made me a pedicure appointment for 10:00 this morning, and i’m kind of skeptical about it. i don’t exactly like people messing with my feet… but the real thing that bugs me is that i can’t stand the people that work there. save me…please.

i’m gonna go shower and get ready to go. if i remember, i’ll bring a camera. except i’m not sure how good mine will work since it doesn’t have a flash and it’ll most likely be dark in the convention center. ohh well. i’ll probably post tomorrow.

4.25.03 | 5:06 PM | posted by whit
oh yeah, oh yeah :D we’re going to high point to play video games, heck yeah! it’s gonna be beast.
tomorrow’s prom too.. this weekend is gonna rock. if i don’t get to go to ihop i’m gonna be super pissed >=O

i’m gonna go take a shower & get ready to go. later 8o)

4.24.03 | 10:10 PM | posted by whit
i decided it was time for a change. yes, it’s still pink. but at least it’s dark now. the light pink was about to kill me. and having myself stare back at me was getting to me o_O …like it? hate it? i don’t really care. i’m not redesigning a new layout.
anyway, i came home after 3rd period today. i wasn’t feeling so hot this morning. i think between allergies and spring itself, it’s getting to me. that and the fact that i haven’t been able to sleep well lately, and i’m not sure why. i’ll get in bed, and won’t be able to fall asleep for forever. argh >=O maybe i’ll sleep better tonight. who knows ;x

i’m listening to athenaeum and it’s reminding me of the show downtown this summer at the BB&T; building… wow, was that ever fun. it’s gonna get me all teary.. gotta change the subject!

better yet, i’m gonna go find something else to do. we’ve got some drama on the boards.

4.22.03 | 10:13 PM | posted by whit
happy birthday zach!!! :)
today was so darn long… goodness. school seemed like it lasted forever. i stayed a little later though and talked to doug before we went home

4.18.03 | 11:11 AM | posted by whit
dude, yesterday was great. school kinda sucked aside from 1st-3rd period. heh, then i had to go back to west. bleh. but anyway, i don't have a lot of homework this weekend, which is amazing because i definitely need a free one to do absolutely nothing. it'll be great.
last night doug & i went out to eat with my dad & christine since it was my dad's birthday. we went to golden corral and man i ate too much. i hadn't eaten all day and i was starved. good, good food :D and we got to the movie theater in perfect timing to see phone booth. that movie is weird, kind of corny, but weird, and it was good. i didn't particularly like staring at the guy's bleeding ear the whole time, but that's alright. i didn't know you could make a movie that long about one guy standing in a phone booth. oh well. doug & i ended up coming back here and watching TV all night again. fun stuff :)

now i'm awake, and i don't know how i managed to wake up at 10:30 like i did, but now i can't go back to sleep so i'm stuck being bored for a while until blake gets up and gets ready to go. we're supposed to go to king for another LAN this afternoon and i'm not sure exactly when we're going.

i'm gonna go get some breakfast.

4.17.03 | 8:24 AM | posted by whit
i hate school. we are doing nothing fun today at all... fjakfjaw;
i'm sitting in the computer lab and i'm bored out of my mind. a lot of schools are on spring break, and it's pissing me off, because i'd definitely rather be sleeping than being in here. i think all i'm gonna get stuck doing today is worksheets which definitely aren't on the top of my fun stuff list. at least it's thursday, and we don't have school tomorrow. :D


4.16.03 | 6:21 PM | posted by whit
wow, this week has turned around quickly :) yesterday was fricking great. well, except for the learning part. but anyhow, doug & i are good <3 and i got to go to the DEP/hopesfall/norma jean show. holy jesus, it was so awesome... that was one of the wildest pits i've been in, at ziggy's at least. the ones at PS211 were pretty beast when i went there too. but yeah, i got knocked into my fair share of poles... heh, so fun. i think i was the smallest person down there, but it's all gravy. i had a good time getting pushed around for 3 hours! i got home around 11 and crashed at around 12 or 1; no wonder i'm so sleepy :)
school was pretty boring today. we had a test in physics, so that sucked. and the rest of my classes were unusually boring. i think it's because this week is a 4-day week, so it felt like a thursday, and everyone is ready for the long weekend. who knows. but doug & i went up to wendys after school... i was starved. i hadn't eaten all day. i don't think pepsi really counts. so i got me some lunch and dropped him back off at west, and here i am. i'm incredibly bored and i'm tempted to just go somewhere. i'd probably end up at the mall to see who's up playing DDR... but i'm not sure.

i just got done gauging one of my ears. i went from a 14 to an 8... and it's a little stingy at the moment. i had gotten some blue plugs from hot topic. they look kind of like these only they're light blue with dark blue rings and they're 8 gauge. they aren't tapered so i kind of did it ghetto-style and tapered one end a teensy bit with scissors so i could get it partially in and then just jam it the rest of the way through. it was a little sharp after i did that, so uh, it didn't feel that pleasant :D oh well. i got it now buddy! i only put one in since i like the other earrings i've got in. maybe i'll get another color next time i go over there.

i'm gonna go find something to do for the evening. i'll be back later.

4.14.03 | 5:07 PM | posted by whit
eek.. sorry for not posting. i was at a LAN for the majority of this weekend and was at my dad's all day yesterday until about 9:30 or so. my FTP had turned off and for some reason once it was turned back on, it didn't want to work. so anyway, i'm still here.
my hits have shot up like crazy and i'm not sure why. hrm...

oh, and i did finally talk to one of the guys who randomly started talking to me at the mall. that was bugging the heck out of me. thank you :D

i'm gonna go get some lunch/dinner and go do homework. i'll probably post later.

4.11.03 | 7:22 PM | posted by whit
go visit zach :D

4.11.03 | 8:26 AM | posted by whit
holy crap, yesterday was so much fun. well, school was really boring.. not to mention wet. i almost got downpoured on before 5th period. i finally found a parking spot in the first lot so i didn't get soaked. i had an umbrella, but it was so frickin windy that it didn't help a whole lot. today isn't as bad. it's just really crappy outside.
anyway, yesterday after school i had to go to my ortho. appointment at 4, and so i went to the mall after that and met up with the guys and blake and doug... lots of fun. =) and i met some cool people.

hopefully today will go by quickly. so far it has, thank god. fridays always seem to drag on. i'm supposed to go to my dad's, but i'm also supposed to go out with some people, and now people are asking me to go to tanglewood again to play frisbee... argh. i can't make up my mind!

i'm gonna go finish physics homework now, because i definitely didn't do mine and we're doing crap in class today and i most likely won't have a clue what it is unless i read. i'll post later.

4.10.03 | 8:28 AM | posted by whit
ahhh... so bored. i'm sitting in the computer lab and no one else is on the computers ;x i feel weird. haha... everyone else is having class. hope fix doesn't mind! anyway, today is about to be a very boring school day. good god. at least it'll get interesting after 2:15. i have an ortho appointment at 4 and then if i get to, i'm going to get my prom dress hemmed before it's too late, and then i've gotta meet some people up at the mall. i think they're gonna end up DDRing the whole time.
i'm gonna go back downstairs and get my jacket. i'm freezing my butt off in this room.

4.09.03 | 9:51 PM | posted by whit
haha, i think the forum is back in action now :) i got all the SMM guys on there now, and they've been making it a bit more lively than it has been the past month & a half or so. lots of fun.
this will be a short post since i'm tired and need to finish physics. i came home this afternoon after school and did part of my homework, talked to some people online, and left again around 5 something. i went up to the Y and ryan was supposed to try kickboxing with me this time, but he chickened out. so i went by myself this week. it was still fun though... it's an awesome workout and a really good stress reliever. i've been going for the past few weeks and haven't gotten sick of it yet. same deal with the mat science (yoga/pilates) class that i've been trying to go to as much as possible. you meet some really nice people in there too. but then again you still have to deal with quite a few pricks at the Y anyway. too bad i run into the same ones at school. o_O

i'll post tomorrow or something when i have more time and more to say. night.

4.07.03 | 10:05 PM | posted by whit
i doubt i'll be posting much lately. i've got a lot on my mind and a lot of tests and papers coming up lately and various other issues that i need to deal with before i worry about maintaining this site. it's only gonna piss me off.
go give blake lots and lots of love.

i'll be back sooner or later.

4.06.03 | 1:54 PM | posted by whit
well, last night was close enough to hell and back for me. i don't know what was up, but hopefully i can sort things out. doug, i'm sorry. i'm gonna talk to the rents about doing something to help me get myself together.
on to a happier subject...

i drove blake over to pat's house last night at about 8:30 or so and we sat around for a while. pat is trying to sell his turntables so you can e-mail him if you're interested.

4.05.03 | 5:15 PM | posted by whit
holy jesus... when my next paycheck comes, i'm spending it on either this or this. definitely :D

4.05.03 | 4:54 PM | posted by whit
alright, this is going to bug the heck out of me if i don't find out who you are...
i went to the mall with blake because we were bored off our behinds. we met up with sid and some other people and talked to them for a while, went into hot topic, and went up to the food court and we're sitting there sucking down fries and coke. these 2 guys that had been sitting at the table next to us walk up to me. this is what happened...

guy #1: hey, aren't you short stack?
me: hey, yeah...
guy #1: thought so guy #1 walks away
guy #2: hey whit! guy #2 walks away
(i try to hurriedly spit out "wait, who are you?", but it was too late)
if you are those guys... please IM me. this is going to bug the heck out of me until i figure out who you are. this has happened lots of times, but i've always talked to the people who come up to me.. and this is about to drive me insane. so one of you guys, if you're reading this, because, well, you've obviously been here, please IM me!!! grr... this is nuts.
anyway, blake & i left after that and met scott up at aladdin's castle to play DDR. i need to play one of these days. if i hadn't worn flip flops today i would've, but oh well. i'm gonna go find something else to do!

4.05.03 | 11:58 AM | posted by whit
well, the ICP show got scratched last night. i didn't go to that. instead i ended up going midnight bowling. all i learned is that i can no longer bowl and i suck at pool, and air hockey. i'm striking out all over the place. i can't lie and say i didn't want to go to see ICP, but no one else seemed too thrilled at the idea of going to one of their shows. damn losers. =x
anyway, i got home around 1:15 this morning and crashed, and woke up bright and early at 8:30 this morning and went to meet doug at panera. i didn't get to see him/talk to him yesterday ='( very sad. so this morning was definitely awesome. <333

i don't have much to rant about today, so i'm gonna go finish some school crap while i'm in the mood. later.

[edit] alright, so now i do have something to rant about. i don't feel like doing homework anymore. i swear, some guys think they can say whatever they want and get what they want. give it up guys, and get a life. i've gotten some bizarre IMs today from several people. i just got bitched out by a girl telling me to stay away from her man (whom i don't even know). random people have been asking for half-naked pictures of me that i can damn well promise you you will never, ever get. i've gotten "hook-up requests". ha... that's a joke in itself. you people are pathetic. go find someone who has even lower standards than you and i'll be surprised. i'm more than happy with the guy i've got, so screw off. [/edit]

4.04.03 | 2:31 PM | posted by whit
i decided to start doing this friday five thing. lots of people do it, and it's something to do when you're at a lack of words. anywho...

  1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
    i just moved into my 3rd house. i moved once when i was 4, and again this past february. ='(

  2. Which was your favorite and why?
    definitely my 2nd one. 2 of my best friends lived in my neighborhood, justin lived in my neighborhood although he doesn't live there anymore anyway. i grew up there and made 50 bigillion friends... and all the 30-40 kids in the neighborhood knew eachother. so sad.

  3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?
    very stressful. i'm a nostalgia freak and can't stand leaving something like that behind me.

  4. What's more important, location or price?
    location. even if we had moved into like a $500,000 house in some other state, i'd be happier to stay in the same city in a durn trailer if it came to it. there's no way i'm leaving all my friends like that.

  5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?
    a nice big yard with a trampoline, a pool in the back, and a huge bedroom with billions of pillows and a big ol' waterbed and black lights. that would be sweeet.

ok i'm done now. :D

4.04.03 | 1:40 PM | posted by whit
[edit] PS211 caught fire yesterday and the stretch show is cancelled. i guess that solves my dilemma. [/edit]
i've been majorly slacking off on the website lately. i don't like the layout, at all. and i haven't had any brilliant ideas or anything so i'm kind of at a stand-still. i don't know what to do with this thing. i haven't had time to post a lot because all i've been doing for the past few weeks is either go to school, go to work, go to the Y, do homework, and go out with friends. i haven't had as much website time as i did at the beginning of the year. i've had a ton of school stuff to do lately, and 2 papers that i need to wrap up this weekend as well. so don't expect anything interesting out of me for a while. i've been thinking about shutting the site down, but i'm not sure. i've kept this thing up for almost 2 years now. i guess when the domain renewal question comes up on july 4th, then i'll decide what to do. i haven't put much thought into it yet. i could just make this my portfolio website instead of the one i have now, and then register a new domain or just host a subdomain off my server and keep it as a journal/picture site. who knows.

ICP & anybody killa are at ziggy's tonight... and i'm still not sure if i'm going. stretch arm strong and XawwtX and some other bands will be at PS211. it's a tough decision =x i think the ICP show would be fun, but i haven't been to an XawwtX show in a while, and i wanna see the guys play again. i'm not a huge ICP fan, but you can't tell me that it wouldn't be a crazy show. i'll be prepared to get the crap kicked out of me in a crowd like that. heh... wish me luck. i'll definitely need it.

if you're wondering about all the down-time lately... i'm not sure what's been up. i know my mom blew a fuse at least once, so the computer went down and the server went with it. my internet has been really weird lately too... i'll come home and my AIM connection will have been lost hours earlier. so i haven't been able to get to my FTP or anything from school, which has pissed me off bigtime. ahh, so strange. i'll figure it out sooner or later.

oh yeah, if anyone has a good download of 3ds max and you're willing to let me get a copy, IM me :) thanks. i haven't found anything on kazaa or IRC that actually works yet.

4.01.03 | 7:11 AM | posted by whit
i want to go HOME!!!