May 2003

5.30.03 | 7:13 PM | posted by whit
happy almost birthday scott! :D

5.30.03 | 12:38 PM | posted by whit
school’s out! yaaay! i’ve been waiting for this day since the beginning of august! not to say that i didn’t have fun meeting some of the most awesome, coolest people during the school year, but school does suck. it’s all over now, and next year i will only have to worry about career center. that takes away 90% of the stupid drama, finally. i woke up at 7:30 instead of 5:45 like i had planned, which was bad because my exam started at 8. i somehow managed to get there at 8:10, and that included taking a shower, getting dressed, and driving there and around the parking lot looking for a spot. damn, i’m good :P …and now i’m ready for the summer to begin. i’ll say it again– i don’t think any summer can beat the fun i had last summer, but it’s all good… fun nevertheless. sighs
i need to go get dressed. i have to go with my mom to the warehouse to get more crap from the move, and then i gotta go get gas, and cash a check, and come home and get all my stuff together. i’ll be in king all weekend, so i’m not sure if or when i’ll be updating. rats.

later =)

5.29.03 | 9:57 PM | posted by whit
ohh, holy jesus! new layout… i’m not that fond of it. maybe it’ll grow on me. other people seemed to like it. hrm… anyway, it’ll be up ’til i can think of anything. this layout block has lasted for several months, if anyone besides me has noticed. it’s ridiculous. no creative juices flowing at all ;x dang.
one more exam, and i’m done with west :D thank god. i don’t think i’ll have to go back there next year… which is a miracle. i’m gonna go fix up a few more things, and then i might just go to sleep early again.

night y’all.

5.27.03 | 11:19 PM | posted by whit
woohoo :D the site is back. that DNS didn’t take too long, not as bad as usual at least. this update is going to be short and sweet too. i probably won’t be writing as much on here as i will be on my livejournal (ask me if you want the URL) …but who knows. i could all of a sudden splurge and just put it all on here.
i’m gonna crash… almost done with exams :) i’ve got US hist. tomorrow, physics on thursday, and comp. sci. on friday, and i’m done! heck yeah.

happy birthday sarah!!! muah

5.27.03 | 4:58 PM | posted by whit
still waiting for the DNS to update… ugh.

5.25.03 | 5:46 PM | posted by whit
sorry for the site being down. my grandpa tried to do a little electrical engineering on our house and blew quite a few fuses and our power went out… so my modem and all that junk reset and it’s been a little weird. so i haven’t had internet until about 10 minutes ago.
i’ll post later when i have time. i’m meeting doug for dinner. later.

5.22.03 | 5:47 PM | posted by whit
i think today has been the most boring day of my life. good… lord… at least tomorrow i’ll have plans.

5.20.03 | 10:26 PM | posted by whit
you guys, today was definitely a tearjerker. for once i had fun at school, and it’s sad that it had to be at the end of the year. close to all of my friends are graduating this year and all going off to college and it’s so sad. i mean, granted i’m very happy for them, but it sucks that i don’t get to spend more than just this year with them. most of the people i hang out with now i didn’t meet until the beginning of this year or the end of last year and it bites. i had as many of my close friends as possible sign my yearbook today since i know i won’t see the majority of them again this school year since senior exams are this week and next week is beach week. i was trying so hard not to cry after 3rd period… i’ve got a lot of good friends in that class and i’m definitely going to miss every single one of them a whole heck of a lot, but more power to them– they’re getting out of highschool. i know some of them read my site too. i :O

i can’t decide on what to do for the rest of the day. i’m either gonna shower & get out of here, or i’m gonna just go to sleep. i think i slept too much last night so i’m totally exhausted. i slept about 3 hours friday night/saturday morning and i’m all messed up. but yeah, i’m gonna go. i’ll probably post later.

5.02.03 | 7:45 AM | posted by whit
i just realized how incredibly boring today is about to be. senior awards day and stuff is today, and so my classes will be nearly empty. we’ve got a grand total of like 10 people in here– half playing worms (which i just learned i can’t play), the other half looking at cars, or playing yahoo checkers. good lord.
i don’t think i have anything to do today… nothing in physics, nothing in pre-cal, nothing in history, and nothing in english. and i’m definitely not accomplishing anything in this class. i’ve been messing around on the forums and tweaking some stuff on the site. this has been the height of my morning excitement.

i get to do it all over again next period, and 4th period, and during lunch. i’m tempted to just leave… at least it’s friday. tonight i’m gonna go out with some people for a bit, and then i’m off to king for a pretty beast LAN :) this is gonna be good.

5.01.03 | 3:43 PM | posted by whit
it’s finally may :) only a little less than a month left… thank goodness.
this weekend is gonna rock. i’m going to the movies on friday, then a LAN with the SMM guys and others that night and saturday night, and part of sunday. i’ll probably end up doing something in the middle, or just stay the whole time. i’m not sure yet. only one more day… friday needs to hurry on up!