March 2003

3.31.03 | 5:16 PM | posted by whit
well, i guess it didn’t take a week to get a “layout” up. heh, at least in this one i’m blurred out :) i’ve had a creative block for the last month or more. i’ve been totally out of ideas. so this will be up until i think of something decent. you’ll live, i’m sure.
sorry for not writing much. i’m leaving for the Y.

3.27.03 | 10:45 PM | posted by whit
screw the posting script. that was pissing me off. i like doing it manually. bleh, i’m going to sleep.

3.27.03 | 10:43 PM | posted by whit
thank god, it’s almost friday. only one more day until the weekend, and it’s time for me to sleep in :) i haven’t gotten a lot of sleep this week. so this will be awesome.
we did absolutely nothing at school today. it was pointless. we watched some movie in physics about magnetism that made everyone fall asleep, so that kinda sucked. anthony ate all my poptarts and drank half of my orange soda so that sucked too. oh well. haha, anyway… we got lectured in us history about AIDS because guest speakers came to talk to us. that was really weird. they were med students, and it’s weird having younger people talk to you about that kinda junk. they’re not afraid to say anything, at all. plus we got registration cards and everything finalized today in english because the guidance counsellors came in for all of us. so i’ll have ap calculus, ap comp. sci., ap chem., cisco, english, and an internship. good good stuff!

since ashley went away with chicgeek, i’ve found another forum to post on. mine sort of died since my site went down so many times and i had to put it in maintenance mode due to loser spammers. i’ve been posting over at entensity since this afternoon. i hate how addicting boards are. good lord.

i’m gonna crash in a few. night y’all.

3.27.03 | 5:34 PM | posted by whit
wow. i finally found a news script that i like. i just hope this one works.

3.26.03 | 4:12 PM | posted by whit
i couldn’t resist posting this image. thanks mom :D

3.25.03 | 8:18 AM | posted by whit
guess who’s actually having a good day at school today :D this is great. i almost finished my outline for my english/us history thesis paper last night. 3 pages long and it isn’t even done yet, which is awesome considering i didn’t even think i’d get to 2 pages. our physics test isn’t today like everyone said it was, AND she isn’t taking up homework notebooks. plus, i’ve got a solid B in pre-cal. life is good :)
so, i have about 45 minutes before 3rd period starts and i have nothing to do. i’ve always wanted to go to the mall during my travel period, but it’d be a waste of gas because it’s not like i’d end up buying anything. and my friends that work there are all at school, so i’d be bored out of my mind. i really hate the librarians in this place. they hover over your shoulders looking for something else to yell at you for. it’s not like i’m looking at porno or anything, good lord. every time i come in here, it’s the same little old guy with the annoying voice telling me to do something else. too bad i can’t hit him.

we did this weird role play thing last period in comp. sci. it was for the marine biology case study crap we’re doing in there with this huge fish program. it’s ridiculously stupid, but oh well. she’s given us like 7 pages of worksheets in the past 2 days, and one over spring break. you’d think she’d figure things out when no one does their homework and everyone laughs in her face when she asks us to turn things in after 5 days of not caring about her class. but anyway, i had to play the “environment”. basically i asked a whole mess of questions and relayed answers to the other “fish” and “neighborhoods”. i did get to draw on the board though, and it was much better than just sitting in my seat and doing absolutely nothing all period.

i think i’m gonna go find something to do. i might post later.

3.23.03 | 8:05 PM | posted by whit
spring break is over :( i didn’t go anywhere but mooresville, but man i had fun.
i don’t feel like writing out my whole 5-days worth because that’d take wayyy way too long. even with pink-eye and getting sick, it was a much-needed break. i could’ve done without the wicked sunburn though. i got it yesterday at lake norman, and it won’t be gone for a while. ;x anyhow, i’m gonna go. becky’s coming over and i still have homework to do. homework on spring break; how lame. :$ later.

3.18.03 | 8:20 AM | posted by whit
only 5 more periods… i think i can do this. and then a nice 5-day weekend :) finally. i have absolutely nothing to do right now so this is about all i can do for the next 30-40 minutes or so. i’m ready to get out of here. the crappy thing is i think we’re actually doing work in all my classes today. we already have homework over the break, which is insane because there is no way i’m gonna remember to do that crap. oh well.
maybe after the break i’ll have some time and ideas to put up a layout. i have no idea, and this is about the last thing i’m gonna worry about while i’m enjoying my days off.

oh and before i forget, the forums are down for now due to excessive goatse & tubgirl spam. that was disgusting. so to the asses who did that, get a life. why would you even want to look at that? and even worse, look at it to post it on every board? pretty sick.

i’m gonna go find something to do. everyone have a great spring break :)

3.17.03 | 10:21 PM | posted by whit
sorry for not posting. i most likely won’t be posting much this week. spring break starts at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon and i’m hoping to be home as little as possible. with that said, i’m gonna crash nice and early. nightnight.

3.15.03 | 10:30 AM | posted by whit
i have a whooole lot of free time at school. i just realized this. i hardly ever do anything during 1st period, unless it’s a test, or we start a new program. and i usually finish that and then sit there bored the rest of the week. i don’t have a 2nd period. we goof off in physics if we’re not taking notes, like today. we had krispy kreme donuts and played with this little dealie that created static electricity. i was the guinea pig for the class and got to hold it while mcmurray turned it on. my hair started standing up… now that was sweet. i got shocked a good few times. people kept shocking my face and neck… which hurt considering some of them used a huge grounded metal rod while i was completely charged. that doesn’t feel good when it’s right on the tip of your nose. it was insane… like mini-lightning. lots of fun :D anyway, all i do this period (4th) is upload announcements and put updates on the school website whenever mrs. taylor tells me to. so there isn’t much for me to do besides sit here and play online or do homework if i don’t get it finished the night before. precal is all note-taking and doing that night’s homework, which is incredibly boring. i don’t go to lunch; i just go study in the library, or i come back in this room again and mess around on the computers. we actually do work during us history, and english is a total joke. i wonder if mrs. conrad thinks we’ve learned anything this year. i definitely haven’t.
i need a new inspiration for a layout. i’m having problems again thinking of good ideas. i hate it when this happens every few months. i feel like i’ve gone completely brain dead, which isn’t the best feeling.

i think i’m gonna go here for a while. i might post later tonight.

3.15.03 | 8:24 AM | posted by whit
dude. school on a saturday… how bad does it get? saturday mornings are for sleeping in. not for waking up before sunrise and going through another day of torture. i mean, come on, what are these administrators thinking?
i got my bed yesterday :D it’s so awesome. it’s a black bunkbed, somewhat like the other one only i think this one is bigger. there’s more headroom anyway. but the top is a single and the bottom is a futon. it’s so, so, SO comfortable. i couldn’t even get out of bed this morning. my mom & i started putting it together around 4 something yesterday afternoon after the people dropped it off at our house, and i didn’t finish getting my room all set up until about 7:30. it took a long, long time. not to mention i got some nice cuts all over my hands from the metal and all the corners and stuff. so i’ve got 2 bandaids on 2 of my fingers, and it’s not exactly easy to type when half your finger doesn’t move. oh well.

so, i’m sitting in the computer lab. i haven’t stayed in here for 2nd period in a while. brent’s over here listening to john mayer and trying to do this fish project we started, which, by the way, is incredibly stupid. i hate these aquafish programs. i’m sick of fish. i hate fish. i want the damn fish to die, but i’d like to pass so i guess i’m screwed.

i think we get krispy kreme in physics today. supposedly daniel is picking stuff up for us. fire drill! later.

3.13.03 | 8:13 AM | posted by whit
well, today is going to be incredibly long and torturous. i got one test out of the way. the ap comp sci test was really easy, but knowing me, i’ll find a way to make some stupid careless mistakes and mess up the whole thing. oh well. i’ll live. as long as i keep my B+ or get an A i’ll be pretty damn happy. next period is going to be pretty bad, i think. 1st period ap physics said that the quarter exam was really easy, and it’s all multiple choice. i will definitely screw this up for myself. i studied, but uh, i don’t test well. crosses fingers we’ll see what happens. anyhow, wish me luck.
i just can’t wait until this day is over with. 7th period i’ve got a final test on huck finn, which i didn’t exactly finish. i read up to chapter 30, and it goes a little higher than that. thank goodness we’ve been watching the movie. it’s fairly close to the book.

swift is playing friday, but uh, guess who can’t go… i can’t go, because why? we have stupid saturday school. it figures. i didn’t get to go to the gadrel show this week either because it was on a school night. now that pissed me off. i haven’t been to a gadrel show in forever because they’ve all been scheduled on school nights. i will be happy when summer rolls around, for the most part at least.

i think i’m gonna go study for physics.. what a morning.

3.12.03 | 10:47 AM | posted by whit
i wanna go home…
don’t you just hate it when people don’t do their part in group projects? yeah. it blows. if i don’t get an A on this project, i will raise hell.

3.11.03 | 2:56 PM | posted by whit
this is ridiculous. i’ve been sick at least 4 or 5 times since this winter, what the hell is up with that? i woke up at 2 in the morning due to annoying people calling me at ohh, 2 in the morning. real nice. anyway, i couldn’t go back to sleep because my throat hurt so bad. i went home during 2nd and 3rd to sit down and relax and take a shower so maybe i’d feel a little better. i couldn’t skip the rest of school because i had so much junk to do in classes today. so i went back to 4th period a little early, got some jolly ranchers, and i felt a little better. much better than i had during 1st period… now that was bad. hopefully this won’t last long.
i’m gonna go get some lunch. i haven’t eaten all day. i’ll probably end up back at career center afterwards… i don’t know why i even bother to go sometimes. i probably won’t be posting tonight since i get to do an entire group project… ALONE. this should be exciting.

3.10.03 | 8:20 PM | posted by whit
i had to get rid of the purple. it was driving me nuts, so this is a temporary POS that i put up in about 10 minutes (i couldn’t think of a good layout so i didn’t even bother making one, hence the brain fart). not everything is changed to the icky black and white yet, but i’ll do it later. dinner calls.

3.10.03 | 3:01 PM | posted by whit
finally, the site goes back up. my registrar wouldn’t forward my domain to a dynamic dns host, so i’m stuck with the IP address deal still, which pisses me off. but it’s better than nothing. just as long as our cable doesn’t cut off again or my mom doesn’t mess with the surge protectors.
as of now, there is mint chocolate chip milkshake all over the front porch ;x i wonder how it got there…

i’m gonna go work on homework and crap. i’ve got wayyy too much going on this week.

3.08.03 | 6:05 PM | posted by whit
i hate roadrunner people… and moving. these people on the help lines don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, and every 10 minutes they hang up so you get cut off and have to talk to yet another person, and re-tell them everything you just said to the last idiot. i’m sick of this crap. sorry for the down-time. everything will be back to normal eventually.

3.07.03 | 7:14 AM | posted by whit
some people make me sick. i’m going to class.

3.05.03 | 3:22 PM | posted by whit
wow. did i ever mention how much i HATE shopping? i’m going with my mom to look for a prom dress, and i have this gut feeling that it’s gonna suck. i wanna get the dress and get it over with. i just hate shopping in general. bleh. aren’t i cheery today? (reason for that: various people bugging the shit out of me all day today)
i’m gonna go grab some lunch or something and then i’ll be out for a while. i may or may not end up at the library or the Y for a few hours. who knows.

3.04.03 | 3:10 PM | posted by whit
the site is finally back up! damn DNS changes take forever. i signed up for a dynamic DNS host so i’ll be using that later. sweetness :D
thank you robry!!!

3.02.03 | 1:12 AM | posted by whit
becky & sarah, i miss you!!!