this is driving me crazy. i want to see my exam grade and my professor has still not posted it. i’m all tweaked out about my interview at 2 today (i’m not going to disclose any details because i am far too excited about this one to let it somehow get jinxed or ruined) and adam is coming up later. those 3 things, when combined, create a lethal combination that ARE MAKING ME TWITCH AND I CAN’T TAKE IT! i need to go back to sleep.

I GOT 2 OF MY GRADES BACK! i made a B+ in freaking statistics and a B in economics!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 i am so excited. i already know i got a B+ or an A in business writing and i think i got a B or an A in biology. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. today… is an amazing day.