A Little Rusty...

so it had been about a year since i’d been snowboarding until today. let’s just say, i have a lot of bruises. usually i make it all the way down without falling on the majority of my runs, but that was not the case today. adam was trying to break me of my horrible habit of taking uber wide turns (mostly because i’m a chicken shit and refuse to ride on my toe-edge)… so i was trying to go with it and get better. instead, i slammed my head pretty hard 2 good times, and my knees are throbbing because of all the spills i took. adam got a good laugh, at least. we had fun, though. and i got my hot chocolate. :wink:

it’s been a good past few days, aside from adam’s speeding ticket on the way up here. that was a bummer. i had an EXCELLENT interview (i am still not disclosing any information but let’s just say it’s freaking badass), got some good grades, had mexican for dinner last night (always a plus), went and saw a band play at a local bar and had some free beers, and enjoyed another superb higher grounds party. those are always a good time (even though we lost our game of beer pong).

life is good. i only have 1 exam left, and pretty soon adam and i will be LONDON BOUND and running all over the place! i can’t wait… :lol: