A Freaking Year Already?

on may 9 of last year, i was huddling in the bottom of the holmes convocation center at ASU with my fellow CIS nerds, anxiously awaiting the moment we were told to turn our tassels.

my whole family came to boone to celebrate with me. my dad wrote me a card that made me start bawling. which i knew was going to happen (he is very good at that) so i waited until AFTER i graduated to read it. walking in front of that many people with mascara on my face and puffy eyes was just not going to happen.

i hid my lipstick and cell phone in my bra because i didn’t think to wear something with pockets under my graduation gown.

i was sweating my ass off because my dad, my genius dad, gave me a glass of champagne 3.2 seconds before we left for the ceremony, and instead of drinking it for me, he made me chug it. FYI, champagne does not settle your nerves when you’re about to walk across a stage in front of hundreds of people.

so… the reason for all this nostalgia, friday i put in my first ever resgination letter. i put in my 2 weeks, something i never really thought i’d get the cajones to actually do. i’ll be starting my new job on may 24. my second big girl job. the butterflies felt more like boulders.

this freaks me out because, in my mind, spring break in panama city happened like a month ago and graduation could’ve happened yesterday.

I FEEL SO FREAKING OLD. and i still look like i’m 17. i’m actually not looking forward to my birthday for the first time ever because now when someone asks how old i am, and i say 24, their eyes will just get that much wider, and the looks of disbelief will be that much more obvious.

as for the new job, i’ll still be here in charleston. nothing is really changing except for my job security and my paycheck. and the fact that brett and i will no longer be receiving paychecks from the same company. something about the ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’ saying felt all too true about our situation. i’ll still go to the same lab to work every day, i’ll still be surrounded by server racks and that all too comfortable humming, and i’ll still get to play with expensive fun toys to my heart’s content.

i’m more than happy about my decision. i am just having a hard time taking it all in.