Possible Hoarding

last week, i decided saturday would be my official “start packing” day. brett and i are moving into a new apartment this weekend and despite the fact that i weeded out A METRIC F*CKTON of crap, i still had a lot more crap to sift through.

this collection included…

2 routers (2 pieces of crap)
2 modems… modemS… i don’t know why that is plural. pieces of crap.
1 scanner that no longer works
1 tablet that no longer works
an old phone
8 extra usb cables
3 extra power cables + a mountain of random power bricks and chargers
4 extra cat-5 cables
2 LED fans, 2 cathode sticks, 2 extra power supplies, USB card, video card… ugh
6 flash drives (4 of which don’t even work anymore)
2 extra cameras (both… deader than dead)

not to mention the random assortment of goodies that led me to take this terrifying photo.

i quit after half an hour, but within that half hour i managed to eliminate all the JUNK i had lying around. finally, for the first time, like, EVER, about 99% of the stuff in the apartment is either necessary or something i can’t bear to part with. yet.

that includes the 23583 whiskey bottles and moonshine jars on top of my fridge.

i’ve somehow convinced myself that… one day, i’ll be able to create something magnificent.