Professional Yard-Salers

first of all, we slept until like, NOON on saturday. which was awesome. brett woke up craving omelettes. i woke up craving french fries. i told him i’d give him my card if he went to the diner down the street and picked up “breakfast” for us. i say “breakfast” because chicken fingers and fries at 12:30 on a saturday doesn’t exactly make for a traditional breakfast. BUT IT’S DELICIOUS.

on the way back from the diner, he stopped at a yard sale to take a peek. they had an old dart board (almost identical to this one) for sale and he got it for $12. TWELVE DOLLARS. look how nice that is, and the one we got is in pretty good condition. i couldn’t believe it. it also weighs like a million pounds so getting it on the wall will be interesting, but whatever. we got a sweet dart board for $12. i am happy. it didn’t come with darts, though, so for now it’s just kind of sitting in the corner of the apartment.

we went to our friend bryden’s for a cookout with some other college friends (who are now co-workers) that night. he and his girlfriend bought a house a few months ago and finally got a new fence around the backyard, so loki and their dog had a play date while we had burgers and played ladder golf. it is officially summer here, and the mosquitoes are back. i never thought to spray the bug spray up my shorts, but now i know better. i got bit on the ass. and one bit me through my shirt on my back. they’re getting smarter.

ANYWAY, bryden’s girlfriend works for verizon, and in the midst of the grilling she informed brett that he could trade his new droid for the new htc incredible phone so long as it hadn’t been 30 days since he bought it. what’s that? shiny new expensive phone for a small $35 restocking fee? yes plz. so sunday morning we started calling different verizon stores to see if they had any in stock. it figures that the only store to have any left was the one in moncks corner, 40 MINUTES AWAY. well, it should’ve been 40 minutes away. but since people in charleston drive like idiots, it was closer to an hour. that and evidently google maps didn’t know exactly know where the store was.

that could have something to do with the fact that moncks corner doesn’t believe in proper street addresses. there were seriously two 100 N Hwy 52’s. there were odd and even numbers on both sides of the street. AND the numbers went up AND down on both sides. basically, we made about 54 U-turns in like… 20 minutes. eventually, we found the verizon. it was right next to “fat boys hog-n-grog”. i freaking love the south. anyway, we went and got the phone.

neither of us had eaten yet, so we stopped at a hole in the wall BBQ joint nearby. it’s one of those places where you walk in, and immediately everyone in the building knows you’re “not from around these here parts!” there were no signs to “seat yourself” or “please wait”. there was a buffet, and the people working were sitting around eating from it, too. needless to say, we were confused. so we asked for help:

B: so… what do we do?

old man: weeell, generally, we just eat ’til we can’t eat no more!

B: well, alright!

so we ate ’til we couldn’t eat no more. fried chicken, pulled pork, mac ‘n’ cheese, green beans, fried okra, sweet tea… again, i love the south.

it was a gorgeous day yesterday, so the whole way there and back, the windows were down and we had the country blaring. sun was shining, it was hot, and as soon as i saw the sign for sonic i got a craving for a watermelon slushie. sonic is conveniently located like… 100 yards from our apartment complex. it’s dangerous. right next to sonic was another yard sale at the veterinary hospital. they had a really nice leather office chair and a dell LCD monitor with a sub woofer and speakers sitting out. oddly enough, brett needed a chair and a monitor for our desk when we move into the new apartment in 2 weeks. he got all of that for $55. chair, monitor, speakers and sub… for $55.

i feel like we were on american pickers or something, minus the whole antique thing. the only problem was we didn’t think about getting our new toys back to the apartment. we were in my saturn. my saturn which already had a trunk full of packing boxes and our fishing poles. thank god we were not far from the apartment, because my face was 3 inches from the steering wheel for the 30 second drive home. should my air bags have deployed, i would no longer have a face.

all in all…

$530 phone – $35
$100 office chair, $200 monitor w/speakers & sub – $55
$100+ wooden dart board – $12

$930 – $102 = $828

basically… WIN!