7 Weeks Down

yesterday marked 7 weeks since caylin was born. it’s weird because it hardly feels like it’s been 7 weeks (feels like just yesterday), but at the same time it feels like we’ve had her forever. maybe it’s because she’s glued to either me or brett almost 24/7. i don’t know. either way, it’s awesome and terrifying at the same time. i still can’t believe that i am allowed to take care of and raise another human being.

this was also my first week back in the office, and it feels AMAZING to be back. after working from home for 2 weeks, or trying, rather, i have a new respect for working stay at home moms. and stay at home moms in general. it’s exhausting enough caring for a baby all day, but to incorporate that into a work schedule is insane. not to mention being stuck in the house for so long. we are so lucky to have my mom as a full time nanny now. i miss caylin when i’m gone, but if i had stayed in that house any longer, i think i would’ve lost it.

caylin’s accomplishments thus far include…

  • she can no longer wear newborn diapers or her newborn onesies (comfortably)… she’s growing like a weed!
  • she can sleep through the night! :) woohoo! 6-7 hours straight!
  • she no longer has to sleep on my stomach to fall asleep :) bittersweet.
  • she enjoys trips to target in her baby bjorn carrier. sleeps like a ROCK.
  • she went on her first lunch date with me and amanda to get mexican and didn’t cry!
  • the last week and a half she’s been smiling like crazy and making all kinds of adorable sounds that make me almost explode with happiness!!!
  • she has successfully turned our living room into a totally babied out space. but that’s ok.
  • she farted on loki’s head and loki actually had to evacuate the area!

i can’t believe that she’s already turning into a little person. it’s incredible.

i never in my life thought i would say this but BABIES. ARE. FUN. at least, i think caylin is. brett and i will lay her down on a blanket when she’s in wide awake twitchy mode, and just stare at her while she flails and makes all kinds of crazy sounds. it’s so freaking cute i can’t stand it.

so far, everything has been great. no bumps, really. the only thing i can even think of to complain about would be the fact that formula is so damn expensive, and she eats a LOT. a lot more than i ever considered. which reminds me, if any family members read this, PLEASE DO NOT BUY CAYLIN ANYMORE CLOTHES. oh, my gosh. the girl has more clothes than i do. if you really want to give her something, give her formula and diapers. more specifically, target money for formula and diapers. because that is where the bulk of spending money is going these days. she has officially run out of drawers and closet space and has clothes piling up in random corners of her nursery.


on the pet front, loki and thor seem to be okay transitioning to being “number 2” these days. loki was a little depressed at first, and i think she still feels bummed out from time to time. but we are trying to give her and thor as much attention as we can. and in doing so, we have gone through incredible amounts of hand sanitizer. i’m going to buy a costco sized jug of it when i remember to do so.

loki has not been back to the vet since her last visit. i have pretty much decided to keep her on her current medication from here on out. nothing we’ve tried will kill this tumor and keep it from coming back, but the current meds are at least keeping it from spreading (at least that’s what it seems to be doing, vet thinks) and getting huge. she’s not bothered one bit by it and is in no pain, so that’s the best i can ask for right now i guess, especially after all i’ve put her through already.

so that’s the goings on lately. i have failed at blogging regularly, as usual, but i HAVE kept up with taking at least one picture of caylin a day. poor girl is going to be absolutely sick of the camera by the time she’s 5.