20 Months, Delayed Post

20 Months, Delayed Post

i wrote this 3 days ago and forgot to freaking post it. fail.

it feels like caylin isn’t even a toddler anymore. she’s freaking 3 feet tall, and insane. there is a tiny human ruling our house these days, and it’s awesome and exhausting and terrifying and very surreal.




she says a lot more words now. which is funny because she understands like, everything we say. but she will only say some stuff. she says “hot” allll the time. if food is cold? hot. out of the microwave? hot. if anything is slightly warm to the touch, it’s hot. basically anything we put in front of her that isn’t goldfish or her milk. and half the time she won’t eat her food unless we give her something to dip it in. ANYTHING can be used as a spoon if there is ranch involved.

bubbles, hi, booboo (apparently she thinks bandaids and stickers are both associated with booboos), shoes, socks, boat, chips, mama, daddy, a few other random things. she’s getting better. she says pokey a lot (as in gumby and pokey), and the way she says it nearly kills me because it’s so freaking cute.

she’s also beyond obsessed with cream cheese. the other day i gave her a bagel with nothing on it–she usually loves to eat just bread, which, WTF, but if it works, it works. i handed it to her and she immediately pointed at the fridge and yelled “CHEESE!”. so instead i put butter on it and she was NOT buying it. i ended up taking it away and taking her outside so she would forget it ever happened. so then we passed the cream cheese aisle at publix when we went to the grocery the next day and i swear to god she almost lost her mind. i have never seen someone so stoked to see that philadelphia label in my life. she went nuts and was all “CHEESE! CHEEEEEEEEESE!! cheese!”. luckily publix gives cookies to little kids for free so i could get her to forget about the cream cheese long enough for me to hide it and go to a different aisle.

we recently switched her to a toddler bed. and by toddler bed i mean we took one wall off of her crib and lowered it. she had already escaped twice so, it was time. she’s only fallen out once, and she took to it pretty quickly. first night she cried a couple minutes but it’s been smooth sailing ever since, minus naps. she gets a little weird about naps and fights it sometimes. getting better.

she has taken a liking to “swimming” in the bathtub. she kicks and paddles on her stomach and it’s so cute. not sure where she got it from but, maybe she will like the pool a little more this year :)


i bought her a little table/bench for her playroom. it was on sale on amazon and she didn’t have anywhere to actually use her coloring book/crayons except on the carpet. as if we weren’t already short on space in the playroom, now we’re basically maxed out. nevertheless, she loves to color :) and it’s awesome.


since it’s light outside for a lot longer now, we’ve been playing outside at night more often. lots of wagon rides. LOTS. i’ve taken her just about every night lately on a walk around the neighborhood in her little red wagon. she’s obsessed with picking flowers (the little white clover ones), and every time she sees a patch she freaks out. so i stop the wagon, she gets out, and we pick flowers. she gets back in the wagon holding fistfuls of squished flowers all the way home, or until she gets sidetracked with something else like a rock or her seatbelt buckle.

i introduced her to chocolate a long time ago, but now she actually likes it. wasn’t too excited about it before, but now she gets this smirk on her face when you even say the word which is hilarious.


she loves wearing beads–she has like 8 sets of mardi gras beads in every color and will wear them around the house. she lets me wear them, but only sometimes. she gets super up in your face and drapes them over your head ever so gently, and it’s so cute because sometimes it takes a few tries, and she will be breathing in your face the whole time. so you just feel these little puffs of breath and concentration. it’s adorable.

she also has a toothbrush obsession. she knows where we keep her toothbrush/toothpaste and she can’t reach them, so she will yell for them. if we hand it to her without any water or toothpaste, she gets angry. we can’t even fake putting toothpaste on it because she KNOWS. she knows. so that’s fun. i’ll be taking a shower and she continuously hands me her toothbrush through the shower door to put more water on it.

she has a lot of rituals. in the morning she has to give loki her treats, and her nighttime one has only gotten more complicated. bath, pajamas, playtime. and now after playtime, she has to help brett fill up her humidifier. when that’s done, she walks in her bedroom and waits so she can turn it on. i fear the day something interrupts this–she doesn’t like when little things like this change. i tried to put her to bed the other night and there was a book on her chair. she lost her mind and started crying and banging on the door. i removed the book from her bedroom, and she was fine.




we stopped taking her to the little gym. 9am on a saturday is not fun, which wasn’t the only reason. we missed a couple because we had other plans or were out of town. this weekend we’ll be out of town again. not gonna keep spending that kind of money/month for less than an hour of not actually socializing. i feel like caylin has gotten more socializing out of going to chick-fil-a and playing with the older kids on the playground than the kids in her class. maybe when she’s older she could do gymnastics there or something. i guess next we need to start looking into preschool. probably already behind on that one.

never enough time.

it’s getting more fun by the day. definitely more exhausting, and there is a lot of whining going on at our house, but i love it.

i can’t believe she’s almost 2 already.