19 Months

honestly, i felt a little guilty the week after writing the last monthly post about caylin. this month has been so much more fun than the last. yes, she still has tantrums and pitches fits every now and then, but it’s nothing like it was last month. and she’s so sweet and cuddly lately. i don’t even know how to put her into words. she is still exhausting, but she’s got so much personality. so much spunk. it’s hilarious.

  • she says cookies. and bubbles. and UH OH! and treats. she LOVES to give loki her treats. she walks to the fridge every morning and reaches for them until you get them down for her. and she says shoes. and puffs (the things hanging from her ceiling). cheese–says cheese a lot for the camera. the list is finally growing–it makes me so happy to hear her trying more lately.

  • she is even more affectionate with loki these days, if that’s possible. whenever i take my eyes off her when we’re upstairs, she is usually in the other room laying on loki. or trying to lay on loki.

  • she still runs everywhere. especially when she gets excited. tonight, i asked her if she wanted a cookie, and she BOOKED it from the living room to the kitchen. which is awesome because when she runs, she kind of hums, and it jostles her voice up and down and her little cheeks bounce. good god, it’s too much.

  • she’s really independent at times. like, if i’m doing laundry or cleaning or just doing something in another room, she will sit in her play room and play with blocks, beads, play on the slide, sort through toys, draw, anything. and the cutest thing is when i peek out of the room, and see her down the hallway in the playroom snoodled up in her bean bag, book in her lap, trying to read her books or just looking at pictures. it nearly kills me every time.

  • i gave her a couple packs of stickers the other day for the first time ever. the puffy ones so she could grip them and not just rip them to pieces. they were adorable. i was at publix and wanted to get her something fun. their toys are limited so i went with new crayons and stickers. brett was giving her a bath when i got home, and she loves LOVES to run around naked when she gets out of the bath these days. throws a fit if you try to towel her off. so we let her go, i showed her how to sticker. this is what happened. SHE LOVES IT. i am so proud.

  • she is super into playing with her babydoll the past few weeks. she carries her around and it’s so precious. i say, “give her hugs”, and she gives her hugs. puts her her stroller and covers her up with blankets. feeds her her bottle. she’s such a good little mom. until she gets distracted and throws her to the floor. but otherwise, she’s solid.

  • she’s still obsessed with watching youtube videos of herself. i guess i never realized how many i actually uploaded. i made them unlisted and just emailed them to family over the past year and a half. never really kept track. but… i have a LOT. and… she will sit and watch them forever. and she’s finally at the point where she will sit STILL and watch them forever. get her a bag of rice cakes or sun chips or blueberries? she will lay there for like half an hour or more if you let her. even under the blankets now (she used to hate blankets, idk). it’s so awesome getting more cuddle time in. not much beats that feeling. i don’t care what i have to watch if i can have her little head on my shoulder.

  • she almost has the stairs down pat. she can go down them fine by herself, but she gets excited and starts going too fast which means… faceplant. so we still have to help, obviously. and she goes up them like a champ. but gets excited and will start sliding down on her stomach. hilarious but a little nerve-wracking when she just goes for it and you’re on the other side of the room.

  • she’s still incredibly excited about chairs. and benches. and chairs. we went to dick’s over the weekend and she sat in almost every chair they had. multiple times. i think the fact that she’s big enough to climb on almost all of them with zero help is just that exciting for her and she has to try.

  • this afternoon was a milestone, for sure. she walked around the entire neighborhood, hand in mine, and didn’t whine. pointed at EVERYTHING wanting to know what it was. stopped at every clover patch to pick flowers. she picked 2 at one point, started walking (i let her walk ahead, she had her hands full), stopped, handed me 1 of the flowers, grabbed my hand, and kept walking. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  • she loves airplanes. whenever she hears one, she gets this look on her face, like… I HEAR ONE! WHERE IS IT! and then we yell “airplane!” and she looks for the nearest exit.

  • i’m saving the best for last. tonight, when i was putting her to bed, i was carrying her to her crib. handed her sippy cup to get any last sips. she took a sip and handed the cup back to me. looked me in the eye, leaned in, KISSED me on the cheek (it wasn’t even a big wet slobber kiss like they used to be), threw her arms around my neck, and laid her head on my shoulder. she kind of hummed as i rocked her in my arms, and i just held her there and kept telling her how much i love her. if i could freeze that moment for like 300 more hours, my god, i would. i don’t have the slightest clue about what i’m getting myself into.



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she’s growing up so fast. i can’t stand it. i don’t know how to do this. make it all slow down :(