17 Months - The Whining

that would be the theme of basically all of january.

whine whine whine. whine. whine. whiiiiiiiiiine. so much whining.

she’s so adorable, and so fun when she’s in a good mood. but she constantly wants to be picked up these days, either to be toted around or to get to something she can’t reach. if we’re upstairs, she whines to go downstairs. if we’re downstairs, she wines to go upstairs.

the following is a list of things that made caylin angry to the point where she flung herself on the floor this past weekend:

  • she was trying to put her pants on and she got her head stuck in the pant leg
  • the wiimote had a string on it
  • there was food on her fork
  • her fork was on her plate
  • her formula was too close to her
  • the fan was off
  • the fan was on
  • i told her not to hit loki

the littlest things absolutely set her off. there were a few nights where she woke up terrorized because of lint. she freaked out over a bubble bath, and refused to touch ANY ice/snow on the ground the other day when we had the ice storm. absolutely would not.

it certainly tests your patience. i never knew someone so tiny could make you so mad (i’m sure brett says that every day of his life now).

at 17 months, she:

  • can go up and down her slide by herself, sometimes forgetting to sit down all the way. so she ends up doing a split on the way down, or just going head first. she also loves pushing her toys down the slide. and me. it’s fun.
  • is getting better at going up and down stairs. still wobbly and stumbles (took a header to the floor 2 days ago) but much better.
  • always wants to be held/picked up. always. we’re very demanding these days.
  • is still whining. a lot.
  • LOVES talking on her phone. we never have a clue what she’s saying but she seems to be very sure of herself.
  • loves to hug loki. she’s getting better at being gentle. i’m still using that word very loosely. but it’s even more adorable.
  • ate a whole meal with a fork. finally.
  • likes to sort my underwear drawer, and tries to dress herself a lot.
  • is still babbling non stop.
  • loves letting us read to her now. it doesn’t last long, but she loves to go get her books and bring them to us, cuddle up, and let us read a little bit. it’s mostly us pointing to things saying what they are because there isn’t much of a point trying to actually read it, since you usually can’t get through 2 sentences. still, better than it was.
  • does NOT like it when brett and i play fight. she almost lost her mind this evening. i never want to hear her scream like that again–i felt so bad.
  • loves pushing things around the living room. her grocery cart, baby doll stroller, noisy lawn mower thing, popper, her little red car.
  • is obsessed with water and cups/bottles—playing in the sink, the bathtub. it could literally go on for hours.
  • finally had her first cold/sinus infection. she had the sniffles for a couple days back at thanksgiving, but she was actually sick the past 2 weeks. it’s still not gone, and she has an appointment for tomorrow morning. my poor baby has been a mess. we had a good run.


despite all the whining, as exhausting and frustrating as it may be, she continues to just… light up our lives. best 17 months ever.

i still can’t believe how much i love her.