oh my god i’m tired. today was one of the longest days ever, i swear.

i went to ASU (appalachian state) with brent, doug, pat, blake, mike, brad, corie, & kristin (i didn’t go to school today). i was supposed to wake up at 7:30 to go with all of them, but since i sleep like a rock and my alarm doesn’t quite go as loud as i need it, i slept until 8:30. we were meeting the guys in lewisville at 9. i was pissed. doug called at like 8:27 and goes “i’m on my way!”; first word out of my mouth was “SHIT!” i got ready in 15 minutes. it was crazy.

we got there about an hour early so we stopped at subway and just sat around there for a while. it was raining all day today. the way up there was so foggy and gross. the roads were awful and there was more traffic than we’d expected. we got there alright though. we went to sign in for the tour and we watched some slides and stuff. luckily they had umbrellas for us. we toured in the rain for an hour. doug said i suck at holding umbrellas. he’s like a foot taller than me almost, so it was hard to not hit him in the head with the umbrella. we ended up sharing it, so we ended up arguing the whole time about who kept getting rained on. good stuff.

after the tour, we left. we were gonna go see lee at his dorm, but his phone was off. we were kinda bummed about that. corie decided to be navigator for brad & brent, so he lost me & doug when we were trying to follow them. pat had already taken him and everyone else the total opposite direction, so we were all split up. it was not cool at all. we finally met at the grocery store and all drove to the KFC/hardees closer to home. i was still soaked when i walked in my front door.

i took a shower and got ready thank you! i