you know what sucks? that tropical storm/hurricane. it’s screwing up all the weather. it’s humid once again here, and so rainy. rain is good once in a while, but not constantly. ugh. especially when you have to be outside a lot.

today wasn’t too bad. other than the crappy weather, it was pretty fun. we did this crazy lab in physics, so that was fun. we did a boring program in comp. sci., and the rest of the classes were just busywork. those weren’t that great, but it’s all good. thank god the week is just about over. i worked 5-8:30 tonight. it was a lot more fun that i’d expected. it was me, ben, dustin, ronni, gueidar, the ‘new’ guy, & kevin. they’re all so fun to goof off with. i had 3 tables because one was a party of 15. i made some reeeeally good tips :) dustin insisted i wear the beads he had. i don’t want to know where he got them, or how. they were those mardi gras type beads. i ended up wearing them the whole night. needless to say, i got a few questions about them. :x

i’m going to appalachian state tomorrow :) w00t. it’s gonna be so awesome. it’ll be almost all the LAN buddies up there, so much fun :D i’m not sure when we’re getting back. i’m supposed to call david when i get up there, because he’ll be there. dave might be up there too. when i get home, i think i’m going to watch andy & his band practice. then we’re all going to the beloved/CKY show at brew ha ha’s. it’s gonna be a frickin crazy friday.

the cam will be on tomorrow or something probably. i don’t feel like messing with that crap tonight. and thanks a bunch to you guys who e-mailed me. i got swamped last night with some of the nicest e-mails from you people. expect replies shortly :)