oops. i kinda forgot to update yesterday. nothing really happened.

i got to sleep in yesterday :D that was the first time in many, many months that i’ve been able to sleep until 12:30 and not have to worry about anything. it was great. i messed around on the computer and cleaned my room for a few hours, and then i got ready for work.

i worked at pizza hut last night from 4:30 – 10:00. fun, huh? good god. i made good tips though :) that made up for it. i worked with shane, dustin, ben, gueidar, walt, & ashley again, so it was fun. shane kept nailin’ me in the head with lettuce and tripping me everytime i walked through the back with a tray.. buttmunch. had i fallen and busted my ass, i would’ve gone psycho on him.

i updated some other sites, so now i don’t have anything left to do. i’m working on a few new php scripts, just to get the hang of it. i’m getting more addicted. this is bad. :x oh, and thanks to sav for my awesome fansign :)

i’m gonna go take a shower. i work 12-3 today. if you know me, come see me! :D