09.20.02 | 10:46 PM | posted by whit
ahhh today was a good day :) i made a 94 on my AP comp sci test. the only thing i screwed up on was the binary conversions. i used the wrong bases. i had them switched. i felt like a dumbass after i looked at it. i don't know what i was thinking when i did those problems. i guess that's what happens when it's that early in the morning and you're still half asleep. oh well. physics was boring as usual. i did nothing 4th period, and we had a test in precal today. i think i did well on it. watch me fail it, even though this entire past 2 weeks i've understood everything we've done. that stuff is so annoying. i almost fell asleep again 6th period in cochrane's class watching that founding fathers movie. as interesting as us history is, in a cold room with the lights off, it's just as easy to take a 5 minute nap. there were very few people still awake during that movie. we did these weird homonym worksheets in english today. we read these articles where all the words were screwed up. when you read it out loud, it made perfect sense. but when you read it, every word was replaced with a word that was pronounced exactly the same. it stood for the same meaning in the article, but in reality, the words were two completely different words. for example, the word through would be replaced with threw; two replaced with too; etc. only in this paper, just about EVERY word except for the 3 articles was replaced with a homonym. it was crazy. that class is such a slack class. and i love every minute of it.
after school i was walking to the car and these 4 guys i see almost everywhere i go randomly said "hey whitney!". it was weird, seeing as how i've never talked to them. i asked them how they knew me, and they just said "EVERYONE knows you...". that's a scary thought, lol. they're really nice, though. i'm gonna have to hang out with them sometime. one of the guys was at warped tour, and he's been at a few shows, and i've seen him around town a lot. it's kinda cool.

i dropped sarah off at her house, went home, and took a shower. it was really humid today. it's so nasty when it's like that outside. i picked up becky after that and she & i went to the mall for about an hour and a half or so. we were in spencers most of the time. casey, phil, and dave were working. they're good friends of ours. i love those guys :). we left around 7:10. i took her home, and then i went to the football game. i got there at about 7:45. i had to park SO far away from the fields. it was awful. it was a 5 or 10 minute walk to the fields. it was worth it though. i was with jordan, andy, tommy, charlie, jared, travis, & bruce the whole time. AND i can't forget my buddy max! i talked to him a little bit there too. they're all such sweethearts. i love 'em to death. and i know a lot of people from school go to my website, so, i love all you guys! :) and in the end, we won the game, and i left around 8:45.

oh, and a change in the work schedule this weekend! tomorrow morning at 11 i'm going to do a community service project downtown with the habitat for humanity group. i'll be there for a few hours. tomorrow night i'll be working at pizza hut from 5-9 filling in for doug for those of you in the area who visit me there :) it'll be a fun night tomorrow night!

now... to get some sleep.