ahhh! sorry for not updating!

this weekend was craziness. on saturday i woke up around 9 (sleeping in! i love it!) and got dressed and ready to go help habitat for humanity. it’s a service group that builds houses around here for the less fortunate. we served the builders and a few families their lunch. we all pitched in and bought a TON of food for them. we had a bunch left over too. we didn’t know what to do with it all. so that went really well. i got home around 1:30-2:00. i love doing that kind of stuff.

that night i worked from about 4:20-9:45. i got home pretty late. it was definitely fun, though. i worked with ashley, shane, dustin, ben, kevin, & gueidar. i love those guys. i made some good tips too, thanks to matt :) he’s one of my online friends. i know his sister, and he knows one of my friends, charlie. but i had never seen him before or talked to him in person. he comes into pizza hut saturday night with his mom and his sister. his mom had gone up to my manager and said i wasn’t getting their drinks fast enough. that kind of pissed me off. i had 8 tables at the time. seeing as how i had just seated 3, it wasn’t easy to get them refills and get the other 3 tables situated in under 3 minutes. the manager bitched at me, but it didn’t really matter because it wasn’t that big a deal. when they’re leaving, the guy (matt) goes up to the register to pay. he left me a frickin $10 tip. it was really awkward, seeing as how they were the ones who had complained about me. i still had no clue this was the guy i’d talked to online. i just figured he was a really nice guy and that was that. i got home and he IMs me and says, “i left you a good tip”. i flipped out. haha i so wish he had said something while i was WAITING on him. it was so so weird.

anyway, yesterday was a good day. i worked from about 11:30-3:30. i made out pretty well on tips that day too. after work i came home and took a shower, and then left again to visit andy up at whole foods. he got off work 2 hours early, so he & i went to tgi fridays at the mall. fun stuff. ben and his family were there too, so we stopped and talked to them for a little while, and then left. we went to borders after that just to see who was up there. it was on the way back to whole foods anyway. i bought this punk goes pop compilation cd. it’s so great. :D god i love it. after that we just sat around listening to some old school incubus until 8:20 or so. i left after that, and came home and did nothing the rest of the night. days like that are just awesome.

school sucked today. i wore the thursday shirt i got at warped tour this summer. i still hadn’t worn it :x it’s so comfy! haha. i might wear my nfg one tomorrow. who knows. but yeah, i did absolutely nothing in school today. it was yet another pointless day of no learning and not a lot of fun. becky, sarah, katherine, & i drove over to jefferson to see our 3rd-5th grade teacher, mrs. sparks. she was in a meeting :( i haven’t seen her since 5th grade. it sucks so bad. so we’re gonna go back next monday and see if she’s there. we tried. that counts for something, i think.

but, i’m gonna go take a shower. i’m gonna go back up to pizza hut to see the guys, and then i might go say hey to ben if he’s working. i’ll be on later tonight.