dude, today wasn’t too bad for once. we had a test in AP comp sci, and AP physics was really easy today. we just went over worksheets. now i get to rewrite my conclusion. this should be so much fun! i have a precal test tomorrow, and it shouldn’t be too bad. no matter how easy it is, i will find a way to screw up.

i didn’t work today since the office is FLOODED! sorry, that just pisses me off. i feel so so bad for deanelle. but anyhow, instead of going to work right after school, i went to my old elementary school :) i hadn’t seen my 5th grade teacher since the beginning of 6th grade. she was and still is the coolest teacher of all time. she doesn’t teach 5th grade now though. she teaches 2nd. i walked in the door and she had just said to her kids, “i don’t recognize either of those girls! what do they want?” i was with one of my best friends, sarah, she was the other girl. it was so funny. i had gotten a visitors’ tag from the office that said ‘Miss P*****’ on it and she saw it, and instantly spazzed. it was great. that was the highlight of my day; the look on her face when she realized it was me. i was such a suckup in her class, and loved every bit of it. she’s one of the nicest people i know, and started raving on and on about how i was her favorite student and stuff. i felt special :D haha. i’m supposed to call her this weekend so we can go do something sometime. when i was leaving i ran into my kindergarten teacher, who i hadn’t seen since kindergarten. i was surprised she remembered me. 11 years is a long time. it was awesome though.

after work i came home and took a shower. my mom & i went out to lunch/dinner at olive garden. i hadn’t been there in forever. good alfredo too :) i came home yet again, and went straight back out to go to barnes & noble. i wanted to get another ayn rand book. i LOVED anthem. seeing as how i hate reading with a passion, i figure finding a book that i can read without falling asleep on is a big accomplishment. i decided to give it a shot and read another one of her books. maybe they’re all as good as anthem. who knows. i got the fountainhead and we the living. this should be interesting. i started reading a php book while i was in there. it was $44 so i called my dad and he ordered it off amazon.com for $18. now i can’t wait ’til it comes!

i’m gonna go for now. i’m gonna work on the physics conclusion, and then do some vocab, and probably start reading one of these books.