i hate it when days go by this slow. school was not fun, at all. computer science was boring. i did get to go to biscuitville with blake & adam, but we only stayed for about 10 minutes since we got there late. all we did in physics was worksheets. i didn’t go to ms craver beck’s office and since the other computer in the office in 4th period is screwed, and the one i use doesn’t have flash or photoshop on it, i didn’t get to update anything or start updating the art section on the school website. i about died in precal. all we did the whole period was 8 problems out of the book. it was so quiet, except kevin & michael talking back and forth over my head, and every once in a while i’d chime in. that was about it. i was about to go insane. i almost fell asleep in US history. no offense cochrane, but sitting through lectures isn’t my thing. and i swear to god if mrs. conrad says “little” or “oldie goldie” one more time, i’m going to freak out in the middle of class and just let it all out. ugh.

i went to the bank and got gas after school, and went straight to work. it was pouring down rain 5 minutes after i walked in my office. see, and this is the problem, mine, deanelle’s, and rebecca’s offices are in the lower level of building 21. there is a drain on one side of our rooms, but it does not work. when we have downpours, like today, we FLOOD. this creates a bit of a problem since there are 5 computers, telephone lines, desks, file cabinets, shelves, software, cameras, scanners, copy machines, etc. lying all over. everything is either very nicely finished wood, or this special metal stuff. if any of it gets wet, or wires get wet, they will be ruined. since deanelle (my and rebecca’s boss) was working over at RJR today, this resulted in me & rebecca & my dad (he came after i told him almost the entire office was flooded) moving all the desks, chairs, computers, file cabinets, and all that to the other side of the office. it sucked. i feel so bad for deanelle. this is the 3rd time this has happened. needless to say, she was very pissed.

instead of leaving at 5 today, i left around 6:45-7. as much as i hate driving in the rain, i had to get home. i needed to get into some comfy clothes, and just chill out for a while. so, here i am.

to “name” on the tagboard, you are disgusting. people like you confuse me; not because you say those things, but because you say those things like it’s going to bother me, but really, it would only bother me if you had the guts to leave a name and URL. seeing as how you’re too ignorant to leave any way to actually TALK to you, your time on this website is worthless. go find something else to waste your pathetic time on. get some therapy while you’re at it.