i guess i’m weird or something. most people hate their jobs, but i love all mine. i love working at pizza hut, i love doing CBT/webdesign for deanelle’s company, i love working with the personal clients that i’ve got lined up, and it’s great working with the principal/assistant principals/teachers at school in the office on the school site and fixing their computers. i’ve become buddy buddy with all these adults, i get credit for what i do, i get paid, i have fun, and i can suck up to the teachers ;)

i worked from 12-3 today at pizza hut. we got completely swamped, just like every other sunday. and some of the sophomore guys came to say hey to me. they come in just about every sunday. they’re so sweet. so that was fun. and my mom came in, and ben branscomb and his family came in, like usual. shane knocked over an entire trash can of leftover pizza and salad… it was so disgusting. lori spilt a drink on some lady, and gueidar knocked over uncooked pizza in the back room, so there was about 2 or 3 cups of grease/oil all over the floor. that was pretty nasty. then we ran out of plates and forks since shane didn’t do the dishes on time. that.. that was not good. needless to say, it was a busy day. definitely fun though.

doug, if you read this, i need to ask you something… it has to do with what you, ben, shane, & dustin were talking about at work the other night. =\