tonight was much needed.

i met andy at his work at 4:30 and tim showed up around 5. we were originally going to go to this spanish festival thing because they could get extra credt for it. we couldn’t find it. we ended up going to the mall. we walked around for a while, and i got a spongebob shirt. :D i went over to spencers to say hey to russel & phil. that was fun stuff. i have a keychain that’s a pig that shits. now i have that, and a cow that shits. how awesome is that!!

anyway, we decided to go find the spanish festival. we did find it, by accident. we got their little papers, and then drove back to andy’s work. we went nextdoor and had nachos & stuff at this mexican joint. it was awesome dude. i haven’t laughed that hard in so long. tim is so random. it’s hilarious.

andy & tim — had an awesome time tonight :)
collin, matt, & alex — we’ll do something another time.

i love you guys!! :D i’ll probably post later. who knows.