sorry i didn’t update yesterday you guys. right after school, i came home and took a showerand left for the mall shortly after. i met up w/anthony as i was leaving, and then i left, and drove to my dads. doug came over around 10:30, and we watched golden girls ;) and he left around 12. i went to sleep. i could barely keep my eyes open. that sucked. i should get more sleep. =\ but there isn’t a day i ever get to sleep in.

left my dads at around 9:45 this morning and drove home to get my work clothes. i worked at pizza hut from 11-3 today. i had MAYBE 6 tables; probably less. we weren’t busy at all. that sucks, because usually when we have boring saturdays, we have really hectic sundays. that means running around confused for 3 hours, trying to get everyone seated, with about 15 people standing at the door waiting to be seated, when there is no more room in the restaurant. you get good tips, but you work your butt off.

i did have fun today though. i got hit in the head with a bag of noodles. thank you shane.

anyway, i’m about to leave again. andy & i are going to this spanish festival. i’m not sure where it is. but he’s going for extra credit i think. this should be interesting. and then when i get home, i’m probably going to matt’s with collin & alex. it’s gonna be an awesome night :) i always have fun w/these guys.

i’ll post when i get home, most likely.