9/11 is over. thank god. i watched the really long special on TV last night and the presidential address :( definitely a tearjerker. one thing that seems ironic– the fact that it takes such a horrible event to bring together our nation. that kinda bothers me… =x

anyway, we didn’t do anything fun at school. i spent all of 4th period in ms. craver beck’s office again fixing her website and explaining to her how to use it, and how to understand the html and all that. she’s catching on, kinda. mr. holt and mr. webb and ms. ursery told me just to stay in the office since i’m up there everyday helping the secretaries and ms. craver beck with their computers. mr. webb handed me his walkie talkie and mr. holt told me to rearrange his schedule. of course, they were joking. does everyone have to pick with me?

;) it is kinda fun in the office though. now i’m friends with the principal, 2 assistant principals, and both of the secretaries. ohhh goodie…

homework calls. i’ll be on later.