i have to agree with what john said to me at school. taking the time to go to school today was a waste. i learned absolutely nothing, and did absolutely nothing. i think the only remotely interesting things that happened today were poking drew before 3rd period, sitting with the sophomore guys at lunch, and pairing up with jeff bradley for a US history assignment. that’s about it. the rest of the school day was useless.

i came home, took a shower, and left again with doug and we went to mi pueblo. i wanted to go toys r us, so we went there. then we drove to my dad’s house to see him & my stepmom. that was fun. i’m going to make a design for the business cards my dad is going to get made for me. it’s gonna be sweet. i work basically 3 jobs now… it’s gonna be bad when i get old. i’m definitely going to be a workaholic/perfectionist obsessive compulsive neat freak. ick. i can see it now.

oh well, there can be up sides to that, i guess. i’m gonna finish the last parts of my physics lab conclusion. i may or may not post later. and i’m not sure if i’ll have the cam on tonight.