i will put the content up sometime. i’m slacking off majorly. =\ i’ve been busy with school a lot lately. i work 5 days a week, and i’m doing stuff with interact, ICC, and soon to be spanish club. and now that i’m starting to make websites for other people around here, i’m going to be busy at home too. ugh. and i figured out that since i work tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday, & sunday, that means that i won’t be able to sleep in until we have a holiday, christmas break, spring break, or next summer. i’ll get over it.

the show last night was so awesome :) GADREL guys {adam, sid, beef, blake, & dustie} … you guys were great, and so were the other bands. me & andy got there a little early and we got to see everyone this time :) good stuff. next show i better get a gadrel shirt ;) y’all know i want one! BLAKE!

anyway, i’m gonna go work on homework junk, and then probably start on the site.