the rest of the site will be here shortly. i’ve got layouts up for the sub sections. i just have to move all the actual content into the layout. icky. that’s the part that’s not gonna be fun. but anyway…

we actually started programming in AP comp sci, and we played with cars in AP physics. haha it was great :) we act like idiots. it’s so much fun. the rest of school was incredibly boring. but i left for work right afterwards, and missed the interact meeting :( i did want to go to that, but if i stayed, i’d have been late for work, and that’s not exactly a good thing. oh well.

i stopped by the cleaners where ry~ry works again. i sat w/her and gabriel (sp?) for about 30-45 minutes, bubba & his friend stopped by, and then i went home. and here i am, incredibly bored. so i’m gonna go do homework. i’ll be on later, and probably have the cam on later too.