iiiii don’t want to go to work today. i’m so tired from last night. yesterday i worked at 4 hours at pizza hut, and it wasn’t bad because we weren’t busy or anything. but it does make you sleepy. i hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before since i didn’t get home until about 1:30, so last night didn’t help me either.

last night me & becky went to the mall, saw some friends, made some new ones, had fun… we go back to my house, & decide we want to find sarah. we go looking for sarah at the movie stores because her mom told us she was over there… needless to say, we didn’t find her. so we just went back home. we called her around 8:45 and told her to come over, but instead, me & becky & ashley all stayed at sarah’s house last night. it was just like the elementary/middle school days :) i wish i could go back to all that.

and now i’m tired, and have to go to work, so i’ll post later.