last night was amazing :) me & andy went to eat at the rose & thistle a fwe minutes away from ziggy’s. and we had pizza :) good stuff. i think i talked too much though, and probably scared him with some kinda retarded childhood stories. but that’s ok :D we left around 8 and went over to ziggy’s. their opening band was looking back, a really really good group from g-boro. i was definitely lovin’ it. and i saw a ton of people i knew which was kinda cool.
athenaeum was just straight up awesome. i think even if they put on a crappy show i’d still love ’em. i don’t really know why, but they’re great. i got a cute shirt too. if you saw the webcam i was probably wearing it. and i got some nifty stickers too.

i worked from 11-3 today. i had 7 tables the whole 4 hours and made $25. those were some good tips :) a lot of hot guys came in today too… that was a little weird, but i’m not complaining. and after work i headed over to lowes foods to say hey to ben again (he had come into pizza hut earlier and he works there) and then i met up with a guy i knew my freshman year, ryan, and talked to him for a while. i had no clue he worked there. crazy stuff.

but, i’ll post later. i’m gonna go pick up becky, and we’re going to the mall :) i’ll be on in a few hours most likely.