tonight’s gonna be frickin awesome. me & andy are gonna go get some food around 6:30-6:45 and then we’re gonna go see athenaeum down at ziggy’s. it’s gonna be great. so so great :D i’ll probably be home at 11:30 or so. some people from west are going too so that’ll be fun. and brent, you better be there!
and THEN tomorrow i get to work at pizza hut from 11-3! so all y’all who live around here… come see me :) i have no clue what i’m doing saturday night. maybe me & ry~ry will do something. who knows…

sunday afternoon i work at pizza hut again, 12-3. those days are never fun… we get swamped, but at least it’s a ton of tips. sunday night is gonna be awesome. i’m gonna go downtown to PS211 again to see gadrel, bloodlet, full blown chaos, and sworn enemy. i can’t wait. gadrel shows always kick ass.

annnd i guess i’ll post later.