ahh dood… stupid apache shut off this morning so my site was down most of the day. that sucks bigtime. oh well =\ but, i fixed it when i got home from work. all is well.
anyway, school was alright today. nothing exciting, really. i went to work right after school. i stopped at wendys and got a frostie and then went over to the office. i stayed until about 5:30, left, went to the ATM, and then went to the cleaners (ry~ry’s work) to say hey to her. i ended up going and getting subway for the both of us. and i found out matt (a guy in my AP physics) works there. so from now on, i’m gonna go there instead of the subway near school. :D he’s my new buddy. but yeah, after that i dropped the food back off at the cleaners and went home when ry~ry got off work.

i’ve been home since then, and i’m incredibly bored. i studied already and read for AP comp. sci. now i have nothing to do. i did re-do my AIM profile, so now it’s all spiffy looking. somewhat. =\

but, i might go to sleep early tonight. i didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. i couldn’t fall asleep which didn’t help me at all waking up this morning. i felt kinda crappy. maybe tonight will be different. i might be on webcam later, but i’m not sure. i’m pretty tired & i look like crap… i might just go straight to bed.

i’ll post tomorrow or something. i’m not in the mood to write.